Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pictures for my dad

Ok, so these pictures are up for my dad.  He is writing his autobiography, and asked for some pictures that I took at the family reunion this summer.  These are all places that he grew up.  I was unsuccessful at e-mailing them, so I am posting them instead ... why not share my thoughts on it? 
As far as journaling goes, I am trying out digital scrapbooking.  So far I like it, I will let you know in the future how I feel about it.  
Evan and I posing in front of Mt. Vimy (Justin's favorite) at Waterton
At the top of Bears Hump
The red roofs belong to the hotel that my grandpa and dad built and lived at.
The town of Waterton ... you can even see the Palmer cabin
Vimy again

The hotel
Old Chief mountain ... my daddy's favorite.
My Aunts and Uncles in front of the old family farm


Jenn~ said...

beautiful pictures :) and what a nice blog...

Fred ... said...

I have many fond memories of Waterton and a few of the farm even though I was only seven when we moved. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Lynn said...

yes! Thanks for posting. I did not know that your dad was raised there.

Old Chief mountain sure brings back GREAT memories of my grandpa Boehme too. It was our families' favorite to climb. I remember the last time my grandpa wanted to go......he really insisted and I am glad that he did. He shortly had a stroke after that last climb and then passed away. The mountain also took a dramatic fall and it no longer is available for people to climb (at least in the area we always did).

It however, still make a BEAUTIFUL mountain photo.

Thanks! Especially for bringing back my own memories.

The Nielsen Family said...

Beautiful pictures and VERY beautiful place!

Joy said...

These photos are awesome. So pretty up there. Love you, Joy

corinne and paul said...

wow - what a gorgeous place! i miss mountains!

Lisa L said...

Great pictures! Alycia is into digital scrapbooking and I am looking to start also. I love what Alycia has done and can't wait to see more.