Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Poor Evan ... Poor Santa

Last night we went and got pictures of the boys with Santa Claus. We actually have a REALLY cute picture, but we weren't able to get our scanner to work so y'all are out of luck.

Everything was going along just fine. Evan LOVES Santa, Landon was fascinated with the big man. It took a while to get Landon to actually look at the camera (there was too many things that were way more interesting than us boring parents). After we got him to look at us we came over to pick out a picture. Then I hear a horrible Evan scream!!!!

We forgot to tell Santa that Evan can't stand!! I can't believe that as parents we did that!!! So I turn around and see Evan crumpled on the floor crying and poor Santa, with a scared and confused face, trying to juggle Landon and pick up Evan. You could tell the poor old man had no clue what to do and felt really bad.

I ran and picked up a distraught Evan and told him that Santa didn't know! Mama forgot to tell him.

This all would have been just fine if we had remembered to charge Evans power chair, but we didn't so we weren't able to bring it.

After some loving and some cookies Evan was feeling better and has forgiven Santa. I still feel terrible for my part played, but you live and you learn. Normally I am really good at letting people know, but I don't think I will EVER forget to tell someone again.


Lowdogg said...

Evan's letter to Santa next year:

Dear Santa,

Please don't drop me on the ground.


Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

Is it horrible that I am laughing? haha oh man. You feel bad but all at the same time, the he has "forgiven" Santa part is too cute.

Dorienne said...

Oh dear. That is sad! Hopefully Evan will not hold it against santa!

motherofangels said...
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Lisa L said...

Oh my gosh! It's sad but I'm laughing after reading Joe's version of Evan's Santa letter next year :) Poor Evan! I'm glad he has forgiven Santa. I feel bad for the poor Santa how did he know?

Peter and Mandy said...

I like the letter to Santa too. I'm sure Evan will soon forget about it.

Amanda Palmer said...

Oh how sad:(

Lynn said...

I wonder how traumatized Santa is. It would be interesting to see if Santa is the same guy next year. ; S

Sarah said...

Sad! What a nightmare. Now the good presents can come from mom and dad and you won't have to give Santa all the credit.