Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So other than the lack of sleep, Sunday was a really fun day for us! I took the boys to Stake Conference BY MYSELF ... and actually Evan only had one melt down. Thank you again to my friends who helped me out with Landon, while Evan was having his issues.

Straight from church we hopped in our sled on wheels and took off to the muscle dystrophy Christmas party for our chapter. It is so important to have friends that understand the life you live, because they live it too. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends to smile with, to laugh with, to cry with, to complain to, and to love.

The Mosco family were at the party to and we love any time we are able to be with them. You might recognize them from the SMA walk and roll in August. In fact, the magnificant Angela was the one who organized it!

The two cutest EVANS you will ever find!

Evan watching the clown show (it was actually a really pathetic excuse for a show ... NOT funny)

face painting

The reason Landon is blurry in this picture is because the only way I could get him to look at the camera was by holding his soother right by the lense. It is blurry because he was reaching for it.
A certain man in a red and white suit showed up and gave all the kids individual presents. I didn't have time to arrange someone to take a picture of Evan getting his present because his was the first name that Santa called out. When Santa gave him his present he replied with "Oh ... thank you Ho Ho!"
it is bigger than he is!!!!
do you think he likes it?
Another present that is bigger than my kid :-)

Watch out Angela, these boys are tough!!!!!!!

"Man, goin' to the bathroom is hard sometimes!!"

"Alright, now that that is over, what should I do now?"
"I know!!! I'll go and save the world!"


Angela said...

great pics Kira! and you are so kind with your lavish praise - I am what I am and do what I do because I love you and all of our SMA families!

Lisa L said...

looks like it was fun! I wish our Costco had those musical instrument toys :( I've looked since last year and they didn't get them. I love what Evan said to Santa.

Stork said...

Kira! landon is a chunk! I LOVE IT!!!!!! And the superman pictures... HA-sterical! Hahaha! It looks like you have so much fun with those crazy kids of yours :)

Peter and Mandy said...

The superman pictures are hilarious...laughed silly over superman sucking his thumb and off to the save the world in a sleeper. Of course superman in the bathroom was cute too :)

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

1. Loved their argyle sweaters.
2. Creepy Superman faces.

Linz said...

Congrats to Landon!! And awesome pictures!! Your boys are too cute!