Sunday, December 20, 2009


I have one major problem with my blog. Sometimes I will be tired OR not have enough time to write about something. I will always make the commitment to write about it the next time I am able to get on the computer, but by the time that happens there seems to be something else that is more important to write about. That is what has happened to me today.

I fully intended to sit down and write a "catch up" blog and then begin to tell you the adventures of my vacation so far ... and believe me .... it is a vacation. I am going to have to do that tomorrow because I have something quite serious on my mind.

Today at church there were so many wonderful people that I was able to see (I love coming home) and it was really lovely to be able to give and receive those many old and familiar hugs. Towards the end of church I spotted the mother of one of my good high school friends. I could tell from where I was trying to rock Landon that she wasn't well, and I had heard a couple of years ago that she was a little sick. That was the extent of the information I knew. I went to see her and was completely caught off guard. This loving, selfless, quirky, full of life woman that I was so close to as a teenager was gone. She is in the clutches of full blown dementia. It makes me so sad and I was quite taken back to see her like that.

She of course didn't remember who I was, but we talked (with the help of one of the only people she remembers) and I just held her hand and kept kissing her cheek. She loved me and I loved her. Growing up I was blessed to witness and experience her selfless nature. SHE is the one that taught me how to crotchet, and if you know me, you know just how much that means to me. I often "impress" others with HER Japanese recipes and cooking.

I wish there was something that I was able to do, but I know there is nothing except pray for her and love her as much as I can from Canada. She has lost her mind and the saddest part is that she is completely alone. How is it that this woman who loved sooo much has been left to suffer the end of her still young life alone.

I left church just crying and really upset ... if I still think about it I cry.


Lisa L said...

Me too :( As you saw yesterday I can't talk about how she has been left 'alone' because it makes me very angry with some people. Especially after all the sacrifices this wonderful lady made for her family throughout her life. Sad, sad, sad.....:( I wish I had had the chance to see her but you know what happens when you are in the nursery...P.S. Here's a thought, you could send her some Canadian chocolate bars at Christmas every year with a little note. She would like that.

motherofangels said...

It is a horrible disease that I unfortanutely deal with often!! I'm so sorry for you, her and her family :) You can be glad that she is PLEASANTLY demented, because that disease can take on a very ugly character in some people!!!