Friday, December 4, 2009

A Simple, Beautiful day!

I don't know how to even put into words all of my thoughts through today, but it was a really good day so I wanted to record it, even if just for myself.

I had a great morning with Evan. We were both looking forward to music class. Every Wednesday we go to Ensign study group for me and then to a music class for Evan. We have so much fun!

When Landon woke up from his morning nap he just turned his head around and kept smiling at me. Is there anything more wonderful than a BIG toothless, unconditional smile every time you walk in the room?? Seriously, Landon is in such a wonderful stage right now! He is still not sleeping through the night, he is still very demanding, but he is so happy! He smiles all the time, he coos and talks all the time, and he LOVES ME!! It doesn't get any better than this!

So then we hopped in the car and drove to the church to start our day. We get there and nobody is there. I called my friend, but didn't get a hold of her. Not about to waste my efforts of getting both happy kids in the car we ended up going out to get the last of the Christmas gifts that we have left to get. My friend called me back and informed me that it is Thursday not Wednesday.
(that explained the empty parking lot at the church)

Things out and about went pretty well. We were walking back to our van and I notice that Evan isn't listening to my instructions and is driving his chair right towards the stopped truck waiting for us to cross the street. He is driving at the truck and sticking his tongue out. I couldn't believe it! Where did he learn that?? At first I was a little embarrassed until I saw that the woman in the truck was laughing hysterically!! I couldn't help but giggle :-)
We get home and the boys have a pretty good nap (Landon had a fantastic nap).
When he woke up I asked Evan what he wanted to do for the Christmas talent show. I suggested he sing twinkle twinkly little star and he told me that he did not want to sing twinkle star for the talent show. I asked him what he wanted to do then .... his response ... "eat popcorn for talent show" So there you have it folks! :-)

The boys Auntie Karalee came over with Snoopy and I took off to play a concert. It is so wonderful to be able to play again in a decent group. I am playing an opera and am just having a blast. It really amazes me sometimes just how much I love playing the oboe. Really, music is such a HUGE part of ME and I don't think there is any instrument more beautiful than the oboe.
I got back had a wonderful talk with my friend Karalee. She told me about all of the cute things that Evan did, leading her all over the house telling her were to find a band aid (no he didn't actually know). He also showed her the nipple on his bread (a brown part of the crust).
I got to talk to Justin!!!
I went into Evan's room to give him a good night kiss. I am watching him (as I often do) and just started crying. This is another one of those moments that just makes my heart sing. There is little that is more precious than watching your beautiful child sleep!
All in all, it was a really good day. Nothing huge happened, but it was just full of small happy events.


As a side note: I am probably going to die one of two ways. I will either die in tomorrows Blizzard while attempting to drive down town for the concert
From cancer because I am addicted to these ......


Lisa L said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I want you to tell me more about your Ensign study group. Sis. Platt has her scripture study group which is open to the stake but I would love to go to an Ensign study group. Of course you love the oboe, we can't think of Kira without thinking oboe! I may not wear make-up but I do love fine perfume - always have!

Linz said...

What a sweet day! Thanks for sharing!! I am excited to find out what having two kids is all about...well, in about six months, that is!

Ang said...

Ah that sounds like the perfect day! I'm glad that you and your boys are doing so well. We should get together one of these days!

Bree Johnson said...

ummm i think you just made my day with the febreze comment in the end - i'm still laughing-i heart evan hes a sweetheart!

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

totally love those febreze things :) haha