Monday, December 28, 2009

Some pictures so far ....

I have stolen some of the pictures taken so far by my dad. Enjoy a picture recap of our vacation so far! :-) I don't have all of the pictures yet, but I will put some more up when I get home.

This is everything I was able to transport from Calgary to San Diego BY MYSELF!!!!
Yes, I know ... I am super woman!

POOR EVAN ... POOR BAMPA (grandpa)

When we got to San Diego, Evan was helping my Dad work on the car. He was loving it ... until the second day of work and he fell face first into the tools. Poor Evan, within a week Santa drops him and then he falls with Grandpa. When he first fell his face was completely covered in black grease and blood. We didn't take know how much was blood and how much was grease so we didn't take a picture of Evan's face until after we made sure he had all of his teeth and his eyeballs were in tact. He was pretty darn swollen for a while, but he is almost 100% healed at this point. Evan eventually was friends with Bampa again and even helped him play Settlers that same night.

All the cousins went to see Santa one more time and this time he didn't drop Evan! Seriously folks ... I have never seen such a real Santa. My mouth DROPPED!!! So fun.
After we went to see Santa at the mall we got to ride a train around the mall. It was actually pretty fun, and Evan LOVED it.

Evan loves going around the house in his chair to pick up baby Jesus and move him to different places.

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve, my families has a talent show. This year Evan read his favorite book "Pajama Time", Landon showed off his sumo wrestler physique, Kira displayed her arm and back muscles after a year of heavy lifting, and Justin played a video of him and his friend on thrill rides. (picture of my muscles are coming when I get home)the boys got their Christmas Eve PJ's from us.

Christmas Day

This is what a size 4 Bum looks like in a size 1 diaper!!! Check out his upper thighs.

Just some random pictures that I liked

the Girls!
Landon and Grandpa (my Dads job at this particular moment was to try and keep Landon awake ... I think he royally failed!!!)
My Sisters

What do you think Landon is trying to get????


Fred ... said...

I think Landon and I both needed a nap right then.

Becky said...

You really are Supermom! And I love the hair!

Lowdogg said...

I think Landon is reaching for a Reese's Cup.

Becka said...

I MISS you! I love that you're wearing the workout top I gave you in one of those must have done that on purpose. :)

Hurry home! :) I want to call you on my new iPhone!

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

haha I loved how Landon's arm was just in my pocket like that. SO much fun this whole Christmas break! Love you!

..and Lowdogg, I am not sure if I should be offended haha.

Lisa L said...

More fun pictures! I loved Evan's story :) The sumo wrestler made me laugh :)