Monday, May 3, 2010

Boys will be Boys

I had a very busy day and didn't even have the chance to sit down until 9:30pm. I came home to this and just had to smile :-)

My nephews (and the rest of Justin's family) was over for dinner. We just adore our nephews and Evan can't get enough of his cousins. I had to leave early for stake choir rehearsal, but coming home to this I can just imagine how much fun all of our boys were having together :-)

For Easter, Nana and I were getting last minute supplies and came across this awesome book to help potty train boys. There is a special story that you read while they are going potty and they only get to wear their special pirate hat while they are sitting on the potty. If they successfully go potty they get to put a sticker on their hat. Evan is just so cute and the second picture is of him sword fighting with one of the sword stickers he got. (I am usually instructed to play the part of Peter Pan and he is always captain Hook)

Evan is at the age that he is very fascinated by his privates. He started to list everyone in the family that has a penis. He included me in that list. I told him that only boys have penis' and that Mama is a girl so I don't have one. Today (while going potty) he announces. "Evan have a penis, Daddy have a penis, Wandon have a penis, but Mama no have penis." Evan, Daddy, Wandon, nnooooo Mama."

Evanism: Hamburger = "Han-co-co"

Landon also has a fascination with the Potty. This is a common sight in our home right now.
p.s. Landon took a first step!!! It was just one (he went from my leg to the chair) but it was clearly a step!!


Fred ... said...

Hurray for Landon. He's going to be all over the house very soon.

Lisa said...

Yay for Landon but I hope the toilet is clean when he is sticking his head in it like that - yuck!

Peter and Mandy said...

That is such a cute picture of Landon and of course Evan on the potty.

Erin said...

Aren't those baby potty seats life savers? Keeps 'em from falling in! Love your two boys, they're sweeties.

Sarah said...

The pirate hat. I love it...