Thursday, May 27, 2010

a word to the wise

Just in case anyone was wondering ...

Running 6 miles an hour after eating a large carne asada burrito is not a good idea. The before mentioned carne asada burrito feels like a brick in your stomach, the 6 miles feels like 10 and every burp along the way makes you want to throw up!

On the up side, an ice cold otter pop after a warm, miserable, 6 mile run is greatly satisfying!!

Evan pooped yesterday (which is a big deal because of his SMA) and it was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe that it came out of my tiny 2 1/2 year old. He looked at it and proudly proclaimed "It looks like an alligator Mama!"


Peter and Mandy said...


Dorienne said...

That is hilarious. Not the 6 mile burrito run, but Evan's big poop. I too wonder sometimes how such big poops can come out of such little bodies. Way to go Evan.

Becka said...

At least your burrito run was's SNOWING here and the runs are freezing and miserable. DREADING tomorrow.