Friday, May 7, 2010


I can't believe that my sweet Evan is almost 3 years old!!! When did that happen?? He cracks me up all the time and I love that he still loves to cuddle and kiss :-) Currently Evan is very attatched to Daddy.

Evan loves to sing and keeps a pretty good tune for being 2 yrs. old. He also has a very good memory for lyrics. He made up a song the other day about butterflies. It went like this ...

"I love butterflies. They are so beautiful. I eat them."

then he proceeded to get excited and say "Daddy have a butterfly on his head, member?? Daddy had a butterfly on his head and I cry ... whaaa whaaaa (then he started giggling)"

Evan loves Lady Gaga! Whenever a Lady Gaga song is on he gets very excited and announces that it is Lady Gaga. Unfortunately he can't tell the difference between Lady Gaga and Keshia. :-)

The other day Justin was trying to get Evan to say please for something. This is how the conversation preceeded. Justin: "what is the magic word??" Evan: "Hocus Pocus"


Landon has hit the clingy stage. Now I know this stage is hard for observers, babysitters, day care at the gym, but I have to admit that I love it! I love knowing that I am the most important person in Landon's life. I love that he prefers me to everyone else. I love that he needs me! It makes it a little difficult to cook, but mostly it is great.

Another, not so cute, stage that Landon has reached is the screaching stage. I wish I could truly depict his high pitched screach and how irritating it is. He just randomly screaches and then Evan starts responding and I swear that there are times the two of them are egging eachother on that I feel I need to be checked into the loony bin. My friend said that they curbed the screaching habit in each of their kids by blowing in their face. The next time Landon screached I tried it and .... he LAUGHED!!! He thought it was the funniest thing ever, which of course led to more screaching (backfire).

He is finally sleeping!!! (knock on wood)

This baby moose is a baby of habit and it makes me laugh! I know this is why we had such a difficult time getting him to sleep (he was just used to waking up). Every morning he drinks 5 ounces of formula. I can put 8 or 6 ounces in the bottle and he drinks exactly 5. If I put in 4 ounces he will scream for more and drink 1 more ounce and leave it. About an hour later he drinks the rest.

Landon really is in such an addicting baby stage. He is crazy active, constantly on the move, destructive, and my house is in constant turmoil, but he has such a personality, laughs easily, smiles constantly and is one of the happiest babies I know. I still adore his chunk and I actually I can't help but squeeze him and nibble on him.


Peter and Mandy said...

Love Evan's hairdo.

Dorienne said...

I love these little updates. The boys are so gorgeous and happy.

Teresa said...

I love how the screeching is feeding off the two boys. Such cute little brothers. They are adorable.

Lisa said...

Love the updates!