Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Boys: an update

Evan: My little boy is growing up waaay too fast! He is truly a delight and such a cuddle bug (makes mom happy). Evan is experimenting with boundaries. He will fight me, which sucks, but I am trying to be the strong mother who doesn't give in. I know that I do him no favors when I give in. An example is a couple of days ago. He was sitting at the table NOT eating his breakfast. I wouldn't let him do anything fun until he finished his food. Well, it took him 2 1/2 hours to finish. He finished only 20 minutes before we sat down to eat lunch!

I had a funny conversation with Evan yesterday. It went as follows:
Evan- "Mom ... is 'scurvy dog' a bad word?
Me- (giggling) "no, you can say 'scurvy dog' "
Evan- "Mom, can my pirate say 'scurvy dog' ?"
Me- (still giggling) "Your pirate can definitely say scurvy dog."

My sweet Landon. What can I say about my sweet Landon. The most fun with this little boy right now is that he is very good at trying new words. We are loving hearing him "talk".

Some of Landon's new words are:
-Bum (he always puts both hands on his bum while he is saying it)
-He is very good at saying "DON'T". It is always very forceful with his lips completely puckered out, which makes it even cuter.
My ring tone is California gurls by Katy Perry. When my phone rings Evan always sings along with it. Landon has now started to join in on the "oooo ooooo".
"Ass" = Sword (totally makes me laugh every time he says this, which is a lot)
"Hass" = Horse
"Kuck" = Truck
"Hat" = Cat
"Fruff" = Dog (he won't say Dog, but just makes the noise)
"Hess" = Yes
"YoHo" = this is what he says when he sees a boat

Landon is quite the conversationalist now, until he breaks down and then his conversation breaks down. He has started to become even more cuddly. I cannot believe how big he is now. Though he is still my baby he really doesn't look like a baby anymore. He looks like a big boy.

I am making it a goal to re-introduce myself into the blogging world, despite my moments! Speaking of moments, I had one yesterday. I went to hot yoga for the first time and started crying at the end of class. Why??? Because I was able to go to hot yoga. I wasn't allowed to attend when I was pregnant and now I can. I have realized that a lot of my breakdown moments are the first time I do something since. Other than that I just think about it a lot.


Lisa said...

I love reading about how the boys are doing :)

Lisa said...

Okay, now the pictures make it even better :)

Peter and Mandy said...

I love reading how the boys are the new words Landon is saying

Fred ... said...

I miss your boys. Thanks for posting their pictures.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Okay Landon's words cracked me up. I have always wanted to try hot yoga. We should go together sometime :) I love you.