Thursday, August 4, 2011

Are you ready for this???

Do you know that feeling after you get home from a REALLY long vacation?? The feeling that you have no idea what is happening next in your life. The feeling that there is no way you are ever going to be able to unpack the bags and get it all put back into the dresser washed and folded? The feeling that you need to somehow feed your family, but you have been gone for weeks and what food is left in the fridge is molding?

Those are the feelings that I am dealing with right now.

I know it isn't that much fun to do multiple updates in a day, but be prepared my friends ... that is what you are going to get for the next little while.

So one of my very favorite things about life is SUMMER!!! You can probably tell that I thoroughly enjoy my summers ... always have, always will. This is how our July began. We had about a week of down time between our Florida trip and friends coming to visit. The weather was gorgeous and we took advantage of that!!!!

Best thing about Canada????
It stays light until forever in the summer time. I took this picture of Landon at 8:45PM and the sun wasn't even close to setting!!!
Justin took me to see Wicked with our friends. I have wanted to see it for so long and it was well worth the wait. I couldn't have had more fun and have been singing Wicked songs ever since!!

We've had picnics with our friends.

Isn't this picture cute??? We love this family of boys!!!! They are amazing kids and my kids love hanging out with them. It helps that I love their parents as well ;-)


Peter and Mandy said...

I'm not fond of it staying light that long...Connor thought bedtime should be around 10 when the sun finally started to set. It's hard to convince a baby it's bedtime when it's not even dark out.

Lisa said...

I love the pictures and miss not having it light so late. We used to get so much work done in our garden and yard at night when it was cooler. We'd get so much more done around here if it would stay lighter. Mandy, it's called black out blinds :) That's what you use if you have kids. When they are older you tell them to close their eyes and then it will be dark :)

Kira said...

black out blinds are our saving grace!!! Put the kids to bed and you and your hubby still have a ton of time to actually do stuff and have fun!!! Woohoo!

Peter and Mandy said...

The B&B in Victoria didn't have black out blinds and staying up late was okay with us because we wanted to explore the area those couple of days we were there. However at Grandpa's house in WA we had to drape a dark blanket over the pack n play to make it seem dark. Luckily the kid was so exhausted, he didn't seem to mind too much.