Monday, August 8, 2011

On the Road again!

So far in our travels we had tacked on

8,523.2 miles
13683.06 kilometers

Pretty impressive (or exhausting) if I do say so myself :-)

So we dropped off the Lowry's at the Calgary airport and picked up my Mom and my sister, Alycia. Yes we did these on the same day. The next morning we shoved all of our luggage and camping gear into our van, as tightly as we were able to manage and hit the road. Our destination? Chilliwack, BC where we were so excited to attend SMA family fun camp! We broke up the trip into two days because it really is a long haul. Our little caravan stopped at a dingy hotel, with terrible service in Kamloops, BC. What an experience.

Of course Evan was gracious enough to share his cold with me and I thought my head was going to explode while I was driving through the mountain passes (that was practically the entire 9 hour drive).

Once we got there I was feeling pretty gross, the kids were pooped and we all needed to stretch our legs a little bit. We decided to wear the boys out a little with a swim in the pool. What a surprise when the water was as cold as ice. I didn't make Evan get in, but we did coax Landon to spend a while exercising his muscles, jumping in and swimming to the stairs, over and over and over and over ........ The boys favorite part??? Landon getting a kick out of Grandma's reaction when he splashed her with the ice water, too funny!!

this is pretty much how our little family felt when we got to Kamloops

Once we arrived to the camp we couldn't have had more fun. I will talk about camp tomorrow, but I had to share these photo memories.

Landon spent the entire camp flirting with all of the women. He batted his way onto many a female lap to hitch a ride, and held many hands as well.

As for Evan??? He liked the older women. Do you see him following Holly and Michaela around? Even this week he was sitting in his car seat and longingly says to me.
"Mom, I miss my beautiful lady!
"Who do you miss Evan?"
"My beautiful Lady. You know the one from SMA camp?"
"Oh, do you mean Michaela, with the red hair?"
"Yes, I miss her so much"

Between the two of them I think I might be in a lot of trouble!!


Peter and Mandy said...

i miss my beautiful cute is that?!

Lisa said...

You are in trouble!!

Natalie said...

You are in trouble with those handsome boys. I look at Evan and I think "Cutest Blonde Ever" and then I see Landon and I think "Cutest Blonde Ever." You just have the curly-haired cutie and the freckles-on-the-nose cutie. Can you believe our babies are two/almost two?

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

lovely picture of me. haha. p.s. your boys are crazy... its a good thing they are cute :) haha