Sunday, August 7, 2011

Off to Waterton!

We took the Lowry's to Justin's favorite place in the entire world .... Waterton, AB. It was beautiful as always, but the weather could have been a little nicer while we were there. My favorite moments were
1) watching Landon running through the cold water park, fully clothed, on a chilly day ... totally unphased!!!
2) high tea with the Lowry's
3) celebrating Evan's birth. I can't believe he is 4 years old!!!! (don't worry I do indeed plan on posting about his big pirate bash that we had for him earlier in the month. ;-)
check out Landon's eye. You might think he walked into a pole (not uncommon) but in actuality, that is a mosquito bite!

Somebody had a birthday, it is our Evan dear. May father in heaven bless him, throughout the coming year!!!


Peter and Mandy said...

Giant mosquitoes or one allergic boy?

Kira said...

well the mosquitos are huge, but it is mostly one allergic boy :-)