Friday, August 5, 2011

horses and a prince

I love the Royal couple!!! Remember that I hosted a reception for them at my house while we watched their wedding unfold. I know it is lame, but it was a ton of fun as well. Imagine how I felt when I found out that they were coming to Calgary!!!! I was beside myself excited. I made plans to be at the parade nice and early to get good seats, I charged my camera, I prepared the kids to see a real prince and princess ... and then the moment arrived ... and went.

I don't think I have ever seen a faster drive by than the one the royals made as they raced down the parade route. They were inside the dark car, with the tinted window half rolled up and drove by faster than I was even able to click a picture.

The second they zipped past the crowd started laughing because it was comical how anti-climatic the whole event was. I can't lie, I was disappointed with the experience but you can bet that I will tell my children and grand children that I did indeed see Prince William in the flesh. I can't say the same about his lovely wife ... I can only assume she was hiding out in the other side of the vehicle.

This is my lovely picture I got ... isn't it a beauty?? Actually I lightened it and I can see the outline of Kate's cowboy hat so now I know she was indeed sitting next to William. Oh well!!!!!

I can vouch that he is really cute in person. I promise I saw him .... kind've ;-)

On our way to the Rodeo, Landon fell asleep.

Like every year we break up the Stampede into a couple of days. It is easier on the kids and therefore easier on us. Stampede has got to be my favorite thing about Calgary!!! One of my favorite things about Stampede are the Chuck wagon races and the Grand Stand show. This years show was the best I have seen yet!!!! This sculpture is floating above the crown and is made of wire and acts as a giant marionette puppet! It is "playing" with a bubble containing an acrobat inside and a flying couch with singing children. (as I'm writing this it sounds a bit odd, but it was actually pretty neat to watch unfold).
Our adopted parents from Florida were in town for all of this and in addition to the Stampede we took them to Spruce Meadows for the world finals in horse jumping. It was a beautiful afternoon for all of us and we even got to meet up with some of my in-laws for a little while.

Words will never be able to express how much I love these two people!!!

I just like this picture of us so I decided to share it.


Peter and Mandy said...

That's a cute picture of you and Justin at the end.

That's funny, you got to see the prince-sort of.

Lisa said...

I do like the picture of you and Justin. Do you remember when we took you kids to Spruce Meadows to watch a jumping event? It was when we still lived in Rosemary.