Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Dump and our nephews

Ever since I was a little girl, the dump has always fascinated me.  I remember begging my dad to take me with him whenever he was going.  We did some more unpacking yesterday and took all of our garbage to the dump, which is conveniently not too far from our house (don't worry ... it isn't close enough to even know it is there).  I think what fascinates me so much is that the world is soooo beautiful.  Everyday I am in awe at the life I lead.  I live in a beautiful house, surrounded by beautiful things and people.  We travel to beautiful places and I am always astounded at God's creations.  Then you go to the dump and there is our reality.  I definitely know the nessesity of the dump.  We have to live and therefore have garbage, and need a place to put it.  BUT seeing the contrast of the dump (there is NO beauty in this place, we even saw a crow with a mohawk and a beard [no joke]) reaffirms in my mind the reason I recycle.    

Also yesterday, I watched my nephews, Michael and Logan, for about 4 hours.  I took them to the park and they wanted to run around in the water.  I told them it was cold, but feel free.  All of us rolled up our pants and off we went to wade in the water ... or so I thought.  After about 10 minutes they were DRENCHED, but still wanted to play.  I let them dress down to their skivy's and we left once they decided they were too cold.  I was just glad that I had a towel in the stroller.  Even Evan wanted to go in the water with his cousins.  Crazy Palmer Boys!!!!!!


Lynn said...

My kids actually get to go on directed tours at the dump for field trips at school. I find it quite fascinating and so do they.

And for SURE they are always all the more GUNG HO in doing recycling straight after the tour. (I think that is the intent of the whole thing.) Its' pretty interesting.

I'm all for recycling too!

corinne and paul said...

Hey I always was interested in the dump as a kid too. I always wanted to go with my dad and when I was there I wanted to dig around and look for things (which, unfortunately, I was never allowed to do). It's amazing to remember just how much trash we all generate.

Lisa L said...

You and Ben.....the big "dump" people in our family.

Lacy said...

Kira - I am still laughing about the crow with a mohawk and a beard. So awesome!