Monday, September 15, 2008


This post is mostly going to be containing stories about one of my favorite things in life ... FOOD.  I hope you enjoy our most recent family adventures.

I attended a local Farmer's Market with my friend Kathy and the Hudderites were selling their vegetables as usual.  You may think I am holding a very nice squash, but it is actually a zucchini. The best part about this very large vegetable???  It cost me a whoppin' 50 cents.  Is that a deal or what?  
We are trying to teach Evan the idea of cleaning up, or not throwing food on the floor, but he is only 1 years old and it doesn't always happen.  I often look at the floor after he is done eating and laugh.  This is pretty much what it looks like after every meal.  I promise food is actually going in the mouth.  This I know because I am cleaning it up when it comes out the other end everyday.  One of these days I know he will get it, but in the mean time ... I clean clean clean! 
Ok, this is a story of my own stupidity.  I made Evan a hard boiled egg for lunch today, or at least that was my intention.  Unfortunately when I peeled the shell off I could tell I had not cooked it long enough.  As you can guess from my floor, I am not about to give my 1 yr. old a soft boiled egg.  So I stuck it in the microwave for 10 seconds.  It was still feeling too soft, so I stuck it in for another 20 seconds, with the intention of watching it.  As the clock read 15 seconds I turned around to make a funny face at Evan.  I turned back towards the microwave as the clock read 13 seconds.  Immediately after I read the clock, the egg exploded!!!  I screamed, Evan laughed and now my microwave looks like this.  
We are starting to teach Evan how a spoon works.  He has loved playing with spoons for a while now, but the concept is obviously still new to him as  you can tell from the look of his right hand.  He loved being a big boy, and truth be told, about 50% of the food went into his mouth via the spoon.  Yeah Evan!!
Alright, so not really food, but it is close enough.  For the majority of people who would read this blog you know that I don't drink.  As stated in my previous post, I am learning all sorts of things about alcohol.   From my non-drinking experience I have always thought that alcohol smelled bad and I didn't know why people would want to pay that much money for a beverage. Well I have decided what I would drink, if I were a drinker.  Someone at the restaurant ordered a shot of Frangelico while I was working.  Of course I didn't know what that was, but what I learned was very interesting.  I would probably be obsessed with Frangelico liquere.  It is a sweet alcohol that tastes like hazelnut.  It can be purchased to drink as shots, put into coffee or hot chocolate, and is even used in some desserts.  This stuff smelled amazing!!!!  Who would have known there were dessert liquors?  


Lynn said...

HOLY!!!! That is an amazing Zucchini! I have an amazing Stuffed Zucchini recipe to share if you want it. We had that the other night and EVERY ONE of my non- veggie eaters ate it all up! Yum! My mouth is drooling looking at your 50 center.

Joy said...

Kira and Justin,
I hope you are doing well. It seems like you are adjusting, settling in, and making friends. Has Justin started practicing yet? How is it going and does he enjoy working with family?

Little Evan is as cute as ever. He is so precious. I love you so, Joy

Lisa L said...

Do you remember the large zucchini's we used to grow? I have a complete cook book of recipes for zucchini's. I don't miss those messes made by babies & toddlers when they eat. That liqueur may be one that I would like too although there were a few wines I liked.

Peter and Mandy said...

I'd hate to tell you, but I'm pretty sure zucchini is a squash :) I make sauteed zucchini for Peter all the time...he loves it! Love the pictures of Evan.