Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Family member update

Over the weekend I had a good visit from a Florida friend. Julie was here on a business trip and I had the best time with her. My heart still resides in Florida and it was great having a piece of it here with me for a day.

Evanism: If he or anyone coughs he turns to me and says "Mama, there's a frog in my throat"

The Ensign is a magazine that our church puts out. Each month it has messages from various leaders in our church. I attend a study group with some women in my ward. Today at my Ensign study group the teacher asked who had an Ensign with them and Evan (who was playing with his toys on the floor) proudly and very loudly replies "I DO!!" It really was too cute.

While driving home from the vet today Evan started to throw his food on the floor. I got after him and told him to stop throwing his food. He says "ok Mama" and very gently begins to drop his food on the ground. Ingenious little booger.

I know that this little guy will eventually sleep through the night. He still gets up at 1:00AM and 4:30 AM and then wants to wake up for good at 7:00AM. The other thing he has started to do is to eat smaller amounts more often. It's a darn good thing he is really cute and his whole face lights up when he smiles. It is one of the only things that is saving his tired parents. (Oh ... and I am pretty sure he is teething).

We took Buddy and Jasmine to the vet today to sort out some problems. Buddy had to stay at the vet overnight because they need to get a urine sample from him. It was so weird to come home without him. Poor Jasmine has spent the last 10 minutes that we got home wandering the house crying and going from room to room looking for Buddy. I love that our two feline children love each other. It is so sweet to see them with each other. Evan loves the cats so much, and he was so concerned when we had to leave Buddy at the vet. These animals bless our lives so much. I sure do love my beautiful Buddy and Jasmine.


Peter and Mandy said...

Love the sitting on the potty with the army guy in the nose. Too cute.

Lisa L said...

Cute pictures.

Rachel said...

I love the figuring out how to still be naughty without exactly doing what you told him not to do! That is SO something my kids do too! Or one kid will get told not to do something, and the other one does it. Really, you thought that would be okay?

Anna said...

i laughed so hard at the frog in throat thing... thats a saying in my family too. come to florida soon! :)