Friday, November 20, 2009

WHAT a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously ... I have no idea how to even begin to describe my day. It starts out good, gets really bad, and ends great!

9:50 AM- Leave our house, feeling cute and perky.

10:15 AM- Get Landon's 3 month pictures.

11:20(ish)- Passport office with my two munchkins.

12(something)- Get in the car and see that I missed many calls from various people. I call Justin and ask him what is wrong. Apparently when I set our alarm I forgot to lock our front door, and one of my friends tripped the alarm. Justin tells me to get home as soon as I can because the cops are there.

I get home (no cops) and for some reason ALL of my doors are locked. Well, I generally don't carry a house key with me because I always go through my garage. I don't really know how, but when I tried to get in my house EVERY SINGLE DOOR is LOCKED!!!!!! I am now completely and totally locked out of my house with no way to get in.

As I am freaking out and trying to figure out what I am going to do a man walks out of my back yard. I wonder if it is something with the yard and I ask him if he was doing something with my house. He very curtly says "I just turned off your power". I ask him why and he says ... "I don't know, they don't tell me why, you need to call them and find out."

Meanwhile I can't get a hold of Justin (he had a CRAZY day at work) so I was camping out at my friends house waiting for Justin to call me back.

I drive to another friends house who might have an extra key to our house ... they didn't. (still can't get into our home) I completely have a melt down as it is now around 3:00PM.

I call the energy company and there are apparently some "mis-communications" about our bills. Long story, and close to $100 in late fees we sorted it all out, but still didn't have power.

I drive to my in-laws house to put the kids down for at least a little bit while we waited for Justin to get home from work. At this point we still can't get into our own home.

5:00PM- Drive to the vet to pick up our sick Buddy.

Since our power is off we had to go out to eat. While out Justin ripped his pants and I was unknowingly walking around with a long trail of toilet paper stuck to my shoe.

7:15PM- I finally get HOME

8:15PM- The energy company comes and turn my power back on.

8:40PM- Leave with some friends to stand in line outside in the cold for the first showing of "NEW MOON" (so worth it!!!!)

What a FANTASTIC movie!!! Oh my gosh!!!!! I don't know what to say other than it is 1:45AM and I am still giddy and swimming in the experience of this movie.
I can't wait to fall asleep and experience it all over again!!!!
False Alarm late fee $75
Extra expenses with the energy company close to $100
Vet bill $110
Edward back in my life
Again I say ... WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Dorienne said...

HOLY COW! What a day. At least you got to end it on a good note. Ahhhhh, Edward.

Lisa L said...

Wow! I would have been in tears also. At least it ended on a high note :)

motherofangels said...

Sorry again! I would not have opened your door if I knew the alarm was set... obviously! I didn't even know you had an alarm haha. I am glad your day ended on a good note and that at least I could give your kids some lunch :)

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh!

YOU win! Totally! Someone needs to jump out of a bush and announce "You have been punked" and then give you the prize of the year. : D

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

I know I should laugh, but I did throughout that whole thing! haha LOVE YOU :)

Peter and Mandy said...

Oh that's good....that's really good.

Amanda Palmer said...

Oh man...what a horrible day!! I saw that you tried to call...sorry I missed it, I did try to call you back, but don't know if I could have helped at all.
At least like you said, it ended with Edward:)

Fred ... said...

Wow, what a day. I do like the toilet paper on your shoe though.