Saturday, November 28, 2009

What to say. The last couple days my mind has been so full of thoughts. I guess I will just tell y'all what we have been doing. Interesting or not, important or not.

We finally got the second installment of Evan's H1N1 and I was able to get mine. THANK HEAVENS we are done for a year. What a nightmare! My arm is still a little sore, but not too bad.

We are at my cousins house this weekend to have a late thanksgiving dinner. (Mmmmm......turkey!) Justin isn't with us :-( Poor Evan is having a REALLY hard time falling asleep on his own which is totally abnormal for him. Landon is having a really hard time falling asleep on his own (which is totally normal), but ISN"T crying ... just staring (this is abnormal, really cute, but abnormal).

The drive here was amazing, Evan was really good the whole drive.

It is REALLY cold!

I got to go to a concert with my cousins husband. It was awesome because I haven't been to a wind concert since I moved. It was really nice to go.

I am drinking a really yummy caramel apple cider and LOVING it.

I am missing my family and can't wait until Christmas so I can give them hugs!


Lisa L said...

We miss you too. All Sarah and Alycia can talk about is Christmas when everyone is here and how they can't wait. Funny how boys don't talk about that stuff eh? I know Alex is really looking forward to it - even if he doesn't say anything - since it will be his last one for awhile with the family. Say "Hi" to Kari and Barrett. Glad you got to go to a concert. Too bad Justin wasn't there.

Fred ... said...

I miss you too and I can't wait until you get here.

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

I can't wait for Christmas either!