Friday, November 6, 2009

I never know anymore how to label these posts. They are all mostly updates now, and I feel really lame labeling them all as such. I do wish I was a bit more clever. This post does however include some cute Evan-isms, and a story at the end if you want to just skip the novel.

Evan had his bi-annual appointment this week at the hospital. Everything looks great, a slight ear infection, but really good!! The only thing is the one that we are very aware of. Evan really does get sick quite often. We have managed to stay out of the hospital, but his poor little lungs are constantly battling a cough and mucus. While saving all of the nitty gritty details for my SMA blog we learned that the hospital received a donation and they are purchasing cough assist machines, and we are on the list!!! This is so important for our little Evan to have and has been quite an ordeal trying to figure out how to swing it (no, insurance won't pay for it). This information made our day for sure!!!!!

These appointments are really great, because we get to see everyone in the same day, but it is really hard on Evan. By the end of the day (8:30AM - 1:40PM) he is definitely starting to break down. Because of the medication Evan takes he needs regular blood tests. This was the first time that he recognized the room that they take his blood and he DID NOT want to go in. Of course he had no choice in the matter and as soon as he was done he announced "Mama's turn!"

We always get loads of attention because he is so small and uses a power chair. When we were in the elevator leaving a nurse bent down and gave him an "I was Brave" sticker. It seemed appropriate and Evan wore that sticker the rest of the day.

We are so lucky to live so close to a FANTASTIC children's hospital, and work with people who love our family. We are just so lucky!

showing off his tattoo

All of his prescriptions from our visit

Since Landon's day from hell, earlier this week (constant crying), he has been a dream baby! I have a sneaking suspicion that he may be starting to teeth.

He is now consistently rolling over by himself (I still can't believe just how early he is doing this!!!!) and he smiles all the time!! I cannot get over how cute this child is and just adore his roly poly physique!

I might even put this in the "triple" chin category.

Long story short:
The way Alberta distributed Flu shots was ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!!!! The city is over run with H1N1, which isn't entirely bad if you are a strong healthy person, but is down right scary if you have SMA. Our doctors at Children's said they "may" be getting it in. We decided that since Evan gets sick so often we couldn't wait for "may" and it had already been too long. They re-opened the clinics today. Justin waited in line with his cousin at 3:30AM to reserve a spot so our kids didn't have to wait in the cold for 6 hours. I hit MAJOR traffic on the way there, was an hour late and totally frazzled (I have a problem with road rage, and a bus cut me off). Justin's cousin helped me out. We were bumped to the front because Justin was there so early, we had an early number, and a doctor's note. Got home to hear a message on our answering machine from the Children's hospital saying that we can go in tomorrow and get one there. It would have been way more fun to wait with our friends (have fun without me Angela). Oh well, at least Evan has the first part of the immunization now!!!!!

While we were in getting our shots Evan knew exactly what was up and would NOT drive his chair willingly up to the table. If I didn't maneuver the chair for him he turned right around, and tried to leave. Poor guy!!

Justin and David with their numbered bracelets. 2nd and 5th in line.

The nurses truly got a kick out of their tail gate party! They had movies and everything!!!!

Evan and I were playing today and he found a stick in his toy chest. He told me to lay down (which I did). He says "this hurt a little Mama, ok?" and sticks me in the arm. He then counts to ten (which we do when he has to stretch, so he knows when it is over). He sticks me twice then applies pressure and pretends to put on a band aid and kisses it all better. He then "inserts" the needle in the spot where you draw blood and does the same thing. I think this has been a rough week for him ... what do you think?

Evan-ism: He was sitting on Justin's lap and starting poking at a mole on his face. Justin asks Evan what it is and Evan very confidently replies "A NIPPLE!!" We started laughing hysterically and so of course Evan started to laugh and kept saying "face nipple".


Lynn said...

Awwww! Poor Evan. Definitely a very rough week for you all.

WAY to go JUSTIN standing in line that early. Awesome dad. : D

Lacy said...

Great! I love it- face nipple- how appropriate! We miss you guys. Your boys are so beautiful!

Lisa L said...

Glad to see Justin had company and they were able to entertain themselves with movies and such while they waited in line. Evan needs to give Auntie Alycia needle when he is here. Maybe he if had been around she wouldn't have been to scared to get her H1N1 shot when I told her to :) I can't wait to tease Justin about his face nipple.

merrilykaroly said...

Hahaha! Evan sounds like such a cutie pie. Keep it up with those Evanisms!

Amanda Palmer said... it all. And yes I do see a triple chin:)

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

Face Nipple... gosh I love that.

Fred ... said...

What a week. Poor Evan. Landon sure is getting cute.