Sunday, November 1, 2009


Let me start by saying that I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! Really it is one of the best times of year! There is always tons of activities to participate in and I never really grew out of the "dress up" stage. Halloween is the one day of the year that I can dress up as whatever I want and nobody bats an eye! That and I have TONS of candy around to satisfy my sweet tooth, although I don't know if that is proving to be a good thing.
Thursday: We got together with some of our friends to carve pumpkins. It was really fun. I forgot my camera and I haven't gotten the pics from Becka yet. This is our family pumpkin. Justin insisted on doing the teeth and ironically he took a tooth out and had to repair it with toothpicks. :-)

Friday: If you can't tell, I am Glenda the good witch (from the wizard of oz), Justin is Batman, Evan is "sup-na-man" (Superman), and Landon is Yoda.

Our church Halloween party was so much fun!! I do have to say that I have been looking forward to my costume for close to a year now.

They had this AWESOME slide!!! Evan went down with Justin 4 times!

All night little girls came up to me and asking me all sorts of questions. This little girl was the cutest thing ever. I walked in the room and she RAN up to me and gave me a huge hug. I LOVED being a "real" princess for the night.

Soooo cute!

Just some of my beautiful friends :-)

Frousins (aka: cousins plus friends)

I thought these cookies were so clever

I thought that the missionaries costumes were awesome

This is how Landon spent the majority of the party

Saturday: I always TRY to make Halloween fun. I took my boys to Boo at the Zoo. I didn't wear my dress to the zoo because it is too hard to take care of everything that I need to while wearing my BIG dress. (that and my dress is too big to wear a coat)

A little while after we got there our friends, the Korella's, met us at the zoo. Evan loved playing with their 2 girls.

This was probably the craziest character that we saw and it is the one that Evan wanted his picture with. He rolled right up to the "woof woof" and gave it a HUGE hug. Crazy kid!

This is how Landon spent his time at the zoo. This is looking like a common sight.

Just for you Mandy :-)

Have you EVER seen a healthier gopher?????

Later that night we went to our friends house to visit for a while. Next we took some pictures with our family and came home to hand out candy and trick-or-treating. Evan had a great time going door to door with Daddy. I had a great time giving out treats to all of the little kids. Here is Evan with his loot!!! :-)


Carla McDaniel said...

love the pics :) u make a gorgeous princess. I LOVE LOVE LOVE HALLOWEEN TOO! missed getting all dressed up for it this year :(

Lynn said...

Oh wow! You guys do up Halloween right! That was the busiest HAlloween weekend I've ever seen! So cool. Loved all of your costumes.....and the elders too! ; )

Fred ... said...

You do make a wonderful princess. It looks like it was a fun weekend.

Linz said...

You guys definitely go all out! Love the princess look on you, and your boys are too cute.

Melanie said...

great costumes, I am glad that you liked the cookies, they took many hours to do. My Father in Law had me make 800 of them.

Kristen said...

Okay, so next year, I'm thinking Charlie's Angels... are you in?
Let me know.

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

1.I cut the tooth out of my pumpkin on accident as well and just created a different one on the other side of the mouth haha.
2.You were not joking, that dress was the bomb and honestly Glenda was THE BEST idea out of all the ones you thought of doing... it was perfect!
3.LOVE the missionaries costumes how funny.
4.SO jealous of that Dutch bag of chips I see Evan holding in that last picture :)

Peter and Mandy said...

Wow, super cute costumes. Love you with all the little princesses that is so adorable. The bear is cute too :) Thanks

Amanda said...

Kira that costume is to die for - glad you guys had such fun

Sarah said...

Holy cow, your costumes are awesome! I love the missionaries.