Sunday, April 11, 2010


I was so excited for this Easter because Evan was going to really understand what was happening! With the help of my wonderfully creative Nana our Easter was so much fun and a wonderful experience.

Nana put together these beautiful Easter baskets for the boys! She bought chocolates and sweets to fill them with and gave me the idea to leave a trail of chocolate (left by the Easter Bunny) that leads from their rooms to their Easter baskets. SOOOO FUN!!!!

Nana made eggs Benedict for breakfast ... can I say YUMMY!!!!!
Landon slept FOREVER this morning! This is Evan telling him about the Easter Bunny who came and left them treats :-)

After breakfast we all scurried as fast as we could and got ready for church. We went to church with Grandpa and Nana. Every week their congregation prays for Evan P. It was beautiful to be able to meet and pray with some of the people who pray for our child. This is one of the stain glass windows in their church. The church has so much historical items inside of it. It was fun to have my Grandpa point everything out to me. After church we went on a drive and saw a lot more beautiful sights ... of course we completely forgot to take pictures ... oh well. We did remember Easter pictures at the house though.

Grandpa and Nana Shaw


Evan took a nap ... and of course ... Landon didn't

Justin is helping the Easter Bunny hide some eggs.

Nana taught me about an amazing invention called Rusks. It is made into the form of a cookie, but it is actually VERY nutritious!!!
Evan is not happy in this "post-nap" picture, but I just think he looks soooo adorable!!!!!
After naps we went outside to do our Easter egg hunt. Grandpa and Nana's yard is the PERFECT yard for an Easter egg hunt!!! It was the sweetest thing to see Evan get so excited about finding an egg. I would walk around slowly near the eggs and he would scream "there's one!! I see it I see it, follow me!" He had a blast and I couldn't help but smile the whole time!

Once we got back to our apartment it was bath and bed time for the kiddos! Evan went right to bed, but since Landon mostly slept on the way home we kept him up so that he "might" sleep through the night.

Grandpa and Nana:
Thank you for letting us stay with you!!! WE LOVED IT!!!


Fred ... said...

Beautiful Easter baskets. I like Grandpa and Nana's yard. The church looks beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing your Easter Sunday with us.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

How fun! I love that picture of Landon with all his eggs, he looks so happy haha. Grandpa and Nana's backyard is beautiful and your right, it looks like the perfect little Easter backyard! Perfect for egg hunting.

Grandpa said...

It was a beautiful Easter and just watching Evan and Landon was quite entertaining. I was a very proud Grandpa at the Easter service, both Nana and I received many comliments after the service. This morning at church a number of people said, what no children today, sadly the reply was,no. I also think Kira made a hit with Peter, the Choir Director.

Peter and Mandy said...

Awh what cute pictures. Looks like Landon is still hungry in the bath.

Lisa said...

Such darling pictures! How fun for Evan & Landon to spend Easter with Great Grandpa & Nana :)

Da Costa said...

Dude! I'm so jealous of your mini-vacay! Looks like you guys had a blast! And the boys couldn't be any freakin' cuter! Cant wait till you guys come down!!! I'm counting down the days!!! :0)