Tuesday, April 20, 2010

new life: new stories


this picture CRACKS ME UP!!!

"hield" = (shield)

"full speed ahead" = (this is something he says every time I start the car)

we were in the store the other day and I was getting after Evan quite a bit because he wasn't listening, running away, and running into things (he was very tired and when he is tired he drives like he is drunk). Well he ran into me and he must have known I was at my wits end with him because he immediately says "Oh sorry, I is berry sorry!!" It was cute, at least he knows when to apologize :-)

I was getting Evan ready for his bath and when I took off his diaper Evan starts giggling and says "I be berry naked" I think he has an obsession with being naked because yesterday he was trying to take off his diaper. When I asked him why he was taking off his diaper he said "because I want to be naked!"

We were all in the bonus room and Evan starts yelling (I'm only about 4 feet away) "Landon has something in his mouth". I went over and sure enough he did, I took it out of his mouth and thanked Evan for telling me and for being such a good big brother and he responds with "Awe ... you're welcome"

Our baby sitter told me that when they watched "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" that at the end the main character tells his dad that he loves him. She said that Evan looks at her and says "I looove my Daddy"

This last sunday I was talking to a friend after church ended when I look up and her three boys and another little boy in our ward were sitting in the front row with their arms folded. I thought that was interesting since church had ended then I looked up to the front of the room. Evan was at the front of the room in front of the music stand waving his finger at them saying: "you all sit down, I teach you! Sun-beep, Jesus want Sun-beep!" (for all who don't know, there is a song in our church we teach the little ones "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" I am guessing they sang it in nursery, because all day Evan has been singing "Sun-beep!" It was too cute to see Evan take command of all these boys :-) I guess he is a natural born educator. :-)

Every morning Evan says that he dreamt about "The bear over the mountain". Most of the time the bear is black, sometimes he is red, but he is always big. That is usually the extent of the story. Today when Justin went in to get Evan this morning the conversation went like this:

Justin: How did you sleep
Evan: berry good
Justin: what did you dream about
Evan: bear over mountain
Justin: what was the bear doing
Evan: getting leaves
Justin: what did he do with the leaves
Evan: he eat them
Justin: then what did he do
Evan: he had beebees (babies)
Justin: what were their names
Evan: C-Bo and ZeeFa

Babies might be on his mind because one of his fish just had babies!! It is so fun to see the circle of life in your own room. Evan quite enjoys his new baby fish and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of some more. I love having a fish tank, it can keep me and the kids fascinated for a long time. I just love to sit and stare at the new baby fish, they really are quite a miracle.

do you see our babies at the bottom??


This little boy is such a dream! He is 8 months old (which is crazy) and he literally gives the BEST bear hugs ever! He is starting to climb the stairs, and can walk with support. We got him this little baby walker and he does a really good job with it. He is extremely social, which I know is part of his sleeping problem. Landon isn't afraid of anyone!!!!

Landon is the crankiest happy baby ever! What I mean by this is he literally one of THE HAPPIEST BABIES I have ever known. His face radiates with joy, and he is laughing and smiling constantly. He shakes with joy and knocks himself over just because I walk in the room or look at him. Then he gets hungry, tired, or angry and he becomes the incredible hulk :-) Have you ever seen an 8 month old throw a full on tantrum ... it is really funny!

Landon's favorite things right now are opening the cupboards and pulling all contents out. He stands there and just smiles and laughs. I love watching him learn and explore. He loves his brother Evan and always wants to be on top of him, which sometimes Evan is not a fan of. His other very favorite thing is the computer. He is constantly trying to hit the key board and will throw major fits when I won't let him. (is it bad that I think it is amusing when he has a tantrum?)

He is starting to grow out of his clothes again, and I just can't believe how big he is now. Landon is almost 24 pounds


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

AH how cool about your fish having babies. Love all these pictures of course. Evan cracks me up..."full speed ahead!" haha

Christy said...

Your boys are so cute. Carter was telling everyone about the sunbeam story! hilarious!

Lisa said...

Love the pictures & update as always!

Peter and Mandy said...

Love Evan with the chopsticks up the nose. Now I think that is the perfect place for them, since it's nearly impossible to eat with them. :) We have baby fish too! Though we found them hiding in the plants at the top of the tank. I think we have about 15 or so. They were from two different moms. We have a few more ready to burst.