Thursday, April 8, 2010


All I have to say is that we ate really well while we were staying with Grandpa and Nana!!! Check out this yummy breakfast that we got to eat today!! Yuummmy!
The pictures didn't turn out great which makes me sad, but between the two I think you will be able to tell just how long and thick this stream of snot (or "not" according to Evan. He can't say "s" really well) is.

Nana taught Evan a new finger play. He was entranced and kept asking her to do it again, and again, and again, and again .... :-)
We went to a place called wild play in Nanaimo. I DID NOT do the bungee jump, but I had to get a picture of a crazy doing it! Can you imagine what that must be like? It was quite impressive to watch! Justin and I did the zip line. I do have to say that I feel quite brave, and practically had to be pushed off the ledge (and yes I teared up when it was my turn) but it was amazing! It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever done! I am so happy that I did it and would do it again in a heart beat (or several very fast heart beats). Justin got video of me going, and Grandpa got pics of both of us, but I don't have any of those downloaded on the computer yet so y'all are just gonna have to make do with pictures of other people :-)

we zipped to the green landing.
from the green landing we Zipped along the river to a second green landing. The wind picked up when I was on the second one and sent my body spinning in circles! Good thing they went over how to spin yourself back around!
From Wild Play we drove to one of the coolest/quirkiest places I have ever been to. It is called Goats on the Roof. There are literally goats on the roof!! Unfortunately for us they had just re-sod the roof and so they took the goats off while the grass takes. Inside the market was anything and everything! The baked goods were heavenly, you could buy spices and candy from everywhere and toys, pottery, rugs ... almost anything you could think of was there (and not a bad price might I add). I had the best time and wish it was closer to my house so I could go there more often :-)

When we were finished shopping we walked around the market and looked at some of the cool things they have outside. There were huge marble statues, a beat up car, a castle ... it was all so random and FUN!!!

do you see the goat house??
Landon screamed the whole way there!!!! I bought him this toy at Goats on the Roof Market and he was happy and amused the entire way home!!!!! Great buy!!! :-)
We got home and took the boys to a really great pool! The life guards were not so nice, but the pool was really impressive. They had a wave pool, a lazy river that wasn't so lazy, wicked awesome waterslides, and they even had a pirate ship that shoots water out of it! Awesome!

yet another example of how strong the wind was while we were there. These signs aren't even pulled out of the ground, the poles are bent!


Lisa said...

That is crazy the wind was so strong. The snot picture is gross and I didn't need to see that. I would not bungee jump either but I would do the zip line. It looks sooo cool!!! What a great trip :) Too bad that when we are there in December we won't be able to do some of those things. But I'm sure we'll find some things to do that will still be fun :)

Peter and Mandy said...

That is some really nasty snot. Looks like a fun trip.

Fred ... said...

What a random store. I like the goats on the roof. I would love to bungee jump but the zip line looks like a blast as well.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

the snot grossed me out, haha. but are you not so happy you did the zip line?! haha I didn't tear up when we did it in Mexico but I was INSIDE! haha I was trying to look all brave about it... but it was SO WORTH IT! i want to go there and do it. British Columbia is just so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Wow - that was a blast from the past, but not really! I grew up in Nanaimo, but those pictures of Coombs are making me realize how much things change... weird. They always had the goats on the roof, but now they have a Buddha statue, too?

Natalie said...

How fun! What an amazing day!