Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Our last day of vacation we woke up, packed a little, and walked to Beacon Hill Park. What an amazing day!!! The park itself is beautiful, full of wild life, flowers, and lakes. We spent the day chasing ducks, petting goats at the petting zoo, eating lunch by a garden of tulips, and playing on the playground. After our morning of play we went back to the apartment, took naps (everyone), finished packing and went to the airport. On our way home from the park Evan says to me: "Mama, this was a wonderful day!"

At the airport we ran into some maintenance issues!! The bolts on Evan's wheel chair all came loose and the mechanism to put the chair into manual mode disconnected. When we got to Victoria the airline was so kind and brought up a mechanic who helped us figure out how to take it apart and fix it. Now we know in the future what to do :-) I was just so impressed that they would take the time to find someone to help us and that the mechanic was so kind to take the time to figure out HOW to fix the problem.

All in all this vacation was VERY much needed and we all loved our time spent in Victoria!! Enjoy the last of the pictures and I will begin blogging about our normal lives now. :-)

Watching TV as the rest of us get ready

Baby Moose with a Moose on the TV screen in the background.

God really knew what he was doing when he created the world! I love all animals and think they and the nature they live in is just beautiful ... that includes US!!

Evan and Daddy (I just think this picture is beautiful)

Evan chased birds for about an hour!!!

getting ready to fee the birds

I had to stand up ... I DID NOT want to be eye level with the geese!

the petting zoo had 45 baby goats when we were there. Some of them were only 3 days old! These sweet guys were so addictingly cute!

FUNNIEST PICTURE EVER!!!! This little goat really wanted this little boys attention!

The spots down my pants are either mud, duck poop, or sheep poop. I like to think it was mud!

This next series of pictures brings me more joy than I can even express!!!!

long day!

Evan showing off his pirate ship!

Landon is now a master immitator! He waves and claps ... this will keep him occupied for quite a while! He is also babbling a TON and squeals with delight!

the boys did so great! We didn't get home until 1:00 AM


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Where do I even start?
1. You look great in these pictures :)
2. I love how Evan just snuggles his head up right next to all the animals.
3. I love Moose's face while on the swings!
4. Evan looks all grown up for some reason with head phones in his ears! haha
5. I miss you guys but will be seeing you SOON!
6. YAY!

Lynn said...

AMAZING vacation! Thanks for sharing.

Can I ask what this apartment was that you stayed at? Was it a rental? Just like a hotel or something?

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

it is an apartment that Justin's dad rents out.

Peter and Mandy said...

Way cool! We'll just pretend we're not totally jealous over here.

Fred ... said...

That sounds like it was a fun vacation but I'm tired just reading about it. I can't wait to see some of those places. I wonder what they will look like in December?

Lisa said...

Love,Love, Love the pictures of the boys :)