Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our mini vacay: Day ONE

This vacation was much needed and I think I am safe to say that every single one of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Everyday Evan would say "This day was so fun" or "I really liked that". It is so enjoyable now that he is able to give some feedback about if he is having fun or not.

Wednesday I spent the day packing everyone. Justin came home from work and we were off!!! There were so many babies and little kiddos on the plane. Landon and I even got to sit next to a little guy that is 11 days younger than he is!! You can see that he enjoyed that flight! We got to the apartment right at bedtime for the boys so I am not counting the plane ride as day one.

The first day that we were in Victoria we went to The Butchart Gardens. I LOVE plants and have a fairly green thumb. This place was amazing and it is only spring! I can't even fathom what it might look like in the summer time! The air was A LOT colder than I had expected, but we survived it :-) I just LOVED this place and can only dream what it must be like to be that rich! WOW!

Landon found another baby in the apartment!

The Sunken Garden
(this used to be a rock quarry, and with a lot of money and time this is what they created! WOW!! The big tower in the middle was a big chunk of invaluable rock. The family turned it into a lookout)

No shocker that Evans favorite part of the gardens was the carousel ride! He picked out his horse and everything! When the ride was over (and for the rest of the day) he kept whining and crying for his horsey. "I want my horsey back"

We're walking through the Japanese garden and all of a sudden there is a window through the trees and bushes into the harbour!!! How awesome is that???

From Butchart we went to the Butterfly museum. Again, it was AWESOME!! I LOVED it, Evan HATED IT!!!! Apparently Evan has developed a fear of butterflies that he never had before. He isn't afraid of the huge flamingos but the sweet tiny butterflies. It was actually kind of funny! Especially because the butterflies love Evan and love Justin. I always want a butterfly to land on me, but I guess I just don't smell sweet enough. They always land on Justin though! This time a butterfly landed on him and would not come off! It stayed on his head the entire time, just moved around a bit. Justin finally had to pick it off before he could leave, because shaking his head was doing nothing.

This is before the terror truly set in.

This boy loved all the colors and pretty things flying around him :-)


30 minutes later Mr. Butterfly is still taking a ride

From the Butterfly museum we drove back to our apartment (downtown) and walked around by the harbour. We saw the Parliament building...

and whales...


Evan was more than thrilled to see a "real" Pirate ship. The "pirate" even said that we could go down and look at it up close!This is the pirate ship Mama wants :-)


Debbi said...

I want that pirate ship too.

And I LOOOOOVVEEE Victoria! So beautiful. You went to all my fave places too. You really should go back in May and June, when the gardens are rediculously gorgeous!

Peter and Mandy said...

So totally and completely jealous...I want to go to Butchart Gardens!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Do you remember we went to Butchart Gardens when you kids were little and then we even ate with Grandpa and Nana at a really, really nice restaurant across from the Parliament Bldg. It was pretty fancy had a pianist and everything. People were staring at us wondering why we would be bring all these kids into a nice place like that. Someone was in a stroller but I don't remember who that was - maybe Alycia or maybe Alex. Anyhow, you kids were so well behaved we had many people come to us as they were leaving and when we left complimenting us on our very well behaved children. Whew!! What a relief. That beats a time in McDonald's with Brandon and a time at the Old Spaghetti Factory with you!! They have a butterfly garden here at the Wild Animal Park right now. We've only been once. Looking forward to going to Victoria again soon some day. Last time we went we took the kids to this insect museum. They loved it!! (you were married and not with us)Glad you had a wonderful time. The pictures are priceless. The one with Justin and the butterfly is crazy!!!

Fred ... said...

I love the butterfly on Justin's head. I think I'll decorate my back yard to be like the sunken garden. It's beautiful!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

ah I wish I could have been there! Landon is such a happy baby :) he is so cute. That is so funny that Evan was afraid of the Butterflies... of all the things to be afraid of? haha Someday we should plan a family vacation :)

Sarah said...

Your vacation looks awesome! I'm going to have to move Victoria up on my list a few notches. The snot pic was hilarious, btw.