Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We were quite unlucky about the weather that we hit, but this area of the world was beautiful regardless of the bad timing. Today was sooooo windy!!! Even the locals were gathering to see how big the waves were! The seagulls weren't flying and you could lean completely into the wind and not fall over.

Today my Grandpa and Nana drove down from Nanaimo and spent the day with us. We took the scenic drive into Sidny, and boy was it scenic!! I was in complete awe of their ocean, their forest, the HUGE homes along the coast, and the flowers in every ones yard.

In Sidny there is a brand new aquarium. This aquarium is so kid friendly and wheel chair friendly! We all had such a great time and the boys loved it! Evan really enjoyed himself, but was NOT a fan of the octopus or the petting area.

When you go into the aquarium they make it feel like you are sinking down in submarine, it was so cool and the boys loved it.

Evan sat in front of the jelly fish just staring for a good 10 minutes.

Evan is trying not to look or touch the sea cucumber

He preferred being shown the animals instead Listening to the sea
the aquarium had real killer whale skeletons. Evan was completely fascinated!!!! He kept touching the teeth over and over again.
Following the aquarium we all went to lunch and drove back to Victoria. We walked through the Empress Hotel and took in an IMAX movie.

There are a series of hotels in Canada that the old rail way built. The hotels stretch across Canada and are all in the most beautiful settings. They are old and grandiose. The Empress hotel is one of these hotels. It was beautiful!

this is proof of how strong the winds were todaythese are signs on the Empress property pointing to the other chateau's across Canada
My boys!!!
these totem poles are in the BC museum. They were each built in the 1800's!!
The IMAX movie was about the Hubble satellite in space. WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! I was so impressed and sat there in utter awe! There was one point when the shuttle was taking off that Evan sat wide eyed and leaned into me. WOW!

afraid of butterflies and sea cucumbers but not large bears!
a smoke house that now sits on the BC museum property

We all loaded the cars and drove up to Nanaimo with my Grandpa and Nana. We stopped at a restaurant along the way.
My Grandpa
Nana was a hit with Landon! :-)


Lisa said...

Love it and love the pictures of everyone. Sooooo glad Grandpa & Nana got some time with the boys :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

fun fun fun. how cool is all of that?! I miss Grandpa &Nana.

Teresa said...

Wow, what an amazing trip. I can't wait to see more. You guys definitely know how to live it up! Your boys are adorable.

Peter and Mandy said...

Now that is one cute bear! Also cute how Evan is giving it a kiss on the nose.

Dorienne said...

My parents live a couple of blocks from that aquarium in Sidney!

Fred ... said...

Wow, it looks like you had guys had a great time. Beautiful pictures of everything but I really liked the jelly fish.

Grandpa $ Nana said...

Re: snot You had to be here to really appreciate it !! It was a wonderfull week-end, Evan and CC were great. There is a lot more to see so you will have to put it in your planner. And contrary to popular belief it DOE NOT always rain here.

Natalie said...

You guys are having an incredible time and getting some fabulous pictures!