Friday, January 29, 2010

Another kid update

I love being a mother! I truly LOVE it!!! Last night we were all sitting and reading books as a family and I just couldn't help but to tear up ... I am just so lucky! In that moment I could clearly remember before I was married and dreaming about perfect moments exactly like that one. I appreciate my children so much and just cannot get enough of them. I had to wait for them, they came to us unconventionally and I am so lucky to be their Mama!

Evan-ism: Lately everything is "dats awesome!!"

Evan is starting to talk so much. I thought he was a chatter box before, but he is only talking more and more. Even since Christmas he has gotten clearer, makes believe more (with voices) and has reasoning. An example of this is the other day when we got a cupcake for our friend Kaffy (aka:Kathy) in the morning while running errands. I told Evan it was her birthday and we were going to drop it off later. The whole day he kept saying. "Mama ... when we go Kaffy's house so we can give her present, and I sing Happy Bird-day to Kaffy" He really got it! This happens all the time.

If any of you know Justin, you know that he often speaks in a "sing song" voice. Evan does this all the time and I love it!!!

He loves to help me out with Landon. I have a method of carrying both of them down or upstairs so I don't have to make two trips. When I am carrying both of them Evan always wraps his arms around Landon, gives him kisses, and says ... "I help you carry Wandon Mama"

One night this week I had already put Evan to bed and was putting Landon down in the next room an hour later. I sang Landon a song, gave him a kiss and closed the door. The next thing I hear is Evan calling me from his room. I go in and ask him why he isn't sleeping. He gives me the cutest smile and says "I heard (pronounced "heeered") you singing Mama. You sing pretty. Sing to me please?" How could I resist?

I asked him the other day what he wanted to be when he grew up. Evan very confidently replied ..."Daddy!!"

Landon is days away from cutting his first tooth!!! The best part about it is that he is going to be a snaggle tooth!! It is the tooth right next to his front tooth that is going to come in first :-)

Sleep training has gone remarkably well!!!! In fact on the first night I was feeding him a bottle and I told him that he better drink it because I would not be coming in again until the morning, and that I didn't care how long he cried in between. That was the first night that he slept through. In fact there was only one night that he woke up and he only cried for 45 minutes, and then slept through until morning. I sure wish I knew earlier that all I had to do was vocalize that I wouldn't be getting him. I am also hoping that by making the announcement that he sleeps through the night I am not jinxing it!

Landon now weighs 22lbs.

We have now added veggies to his diet and surprise surprise ... he likes them!!! :-)
I doubt Moses was this big!! :-)

Landon's thighs are so big that he gets stuck in his bumbo!!


Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

CUTE pictures. Love the Bumbo pic :)

Lisa L said...

cute pictures. You were a snaggle tooth.

Ang said...

This post made me happy :)
You are such a wonderful mom! Evan and Landon are ADORABLE!!

Fred ... said...

Well? Did you jinx it? Did he sleep through the night again?

Kathy Marx said...

Landon is 22 pounds at 6 months? Don't worry - Collin was 26 pounds at 6 months!!! He had to eat every two hours day and night for the first nine months of his life. I thought I was NEVER going to get any sleep! Collin turned out to be completely wonderful, handsome, athletic, and SKINNY! Love you, Kira!