Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the end of our trip

January 3, 2010

We went to the museum of making music. It was AWESOME!!!! I even got to play a theramin (which is something I have wanted to do since my sophomore year in college when I learned what it was!!!)

Uncle Ben and Evan playing around

have you ever heard of a harp guitar???

A piano signed by Steinway!!

Justin and my brother really like each other!!

Me, playing the theramin ... (don't know what it is??? Listen to Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" it is played at the end of the song)

Evan had a blast!!

January 4, 2010
We fly home!!! SOOOOO SAD!!!!!!!!!

Once again, I was AMAZED by the airline and how helpful they were and how wonderful my boys were while traveling. I have it made!!

I have to share a story about a good Samaritan in the airport. Our second flight was delayed and we had about 2 hours to kill. We sat down to eat some dinner and then went back to our terminal. The isles by the seats were very narrow and it would be impossible to get our double stroller (or Evan's chair) through them. My only options were to sit in seats on the ends. Our society apparently has a phobia of sitting next to strangers as there were many empty seats, but only one here or there and none available on the ends. Justin has taken Evan for a walk at this point and I need to feed Landon. I am balancing a busy baby on my crouched lap, unloading a ton of crap to dig out the formula, and water to make a bottle. It is difficult but I am used to people just staring at me with a curious look on their face. Finally this old woman asks me if I would like to take her seat on the end so I could be near all of my stuff and more easily manage everything I was doing. I told her it would actually be very helpful to me and thanked her. It was so wonderful that she saw my need and actually helped me out instead of just staring at me, wondering how I do it all by myself.

The best part was that I actually ended up sitting next to her on the flight too. We talked the whole time and she was such a joy. I am really glad that I got to sit next to one of God's human angels for a whole 1.5 hours. :-)

..... and we are home. Do you think Evan went to bed right away???


Melanie said...

I love the picture of you and the boys on the plan. My fav!

Lisa L said...

Fun pictures and what a nice lady. I'd like to think I would be that observant and do that for someone. It's nice to be reminded.

Grandpa said...

Let the Airline know how pleased you were with the service. Genrally the only feed back they get back are the complaints. BJ and Justin ???