Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Update on my boys

Amidst the update of our life I wanted to give a quick update about my boys.


-Evan has a special friend at church. She was called just to help him out and watch out for him in his classes. We are so grateful for Kristen Schow to accept the calling to help our little man. We prepped him the whole week before that he wouldn't be working with Daddy anymore and that he would have a special friend. Our nursery is sooo big and he really needs a one on one person. He always works with us and it is good for him to work with someone else. The first Sunday went really well. I feel like I am rambling, but we feel like this is so wonderful and we couldn't be happier.

-Evanism: "tooyoo's" (tools)

-He got a set of Doctor tools from Santa. When I was at my Physical Therapist appointment (where I have IMS done, it is similar to acupuncture). When my PT asked Evan what he got for Christmas he says, "I got doctor tooyoo's ... LIKE YOU!!!" I had never taught him that and he said it with such enthusiasm when he came to the realization that he was like my PT. My heart melted right there on the table.

-Evan now weighs 19.7 lbs

-we had family night with some of our friends tonight. We went to ice cream afterwards and their little girl rode in our car. With a huge silly grin on his face Evan says "Daddy, put on a movie for me and Brookie. Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please!!!"


-Landon is officially the big little brother. He is heavier than Evan coming in at 20 lbs, but I need to weigh him again because I really think he is heavier now.

-Landon is days away from crawling. He can get anywhere he wants by launching himself. He is up on all fours, rocking like a mad man. He will pick up his hand and leg ready to crawl before he falls over. The way he gets around so quickly is by rocking, getting up on his hands and toes (like a push up) and launching himself forward.

-we are now calling Landon "Moose" and sometimes "Tank" (seems appropriate to me)

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Lisa L said...

I think both nicknames for Landon are appropriate and we started calling him that here :) I think he may be heavier than 20 lbs. I love the things that Evan says :) I'm also glad they called a special friend for him in nursery. I think that's important :) I was happy to be his special friend when he came to nursery with me :)