Saturday, January 9, 2010

some favorite pictures that I didn't post

In the next couple of days I am going to try and finish up my blogging about my vacation. Here are some of my favorite pictures from my camera that I didn't post earlier. Don't worry ... there are more to come (I haven't even downloaded the ones from my dads camera yet :-) There are also going to be some more with posts to come about certain events that we did.

In the meantime ... enjoy!!!

who doesn't like a cuddly baby???
It was so much fun to play Gestures with my family ... seriously good times!!!
this is what a tree looks like with presents for 17 people under it. There were even presents being stowed under chairs and piled against the end table because there just wasn't anymore room!!!

yes, we were all sleeping in the same house ... 17 people, 5 bedrooms!! It was GREAT!!
Let me tell you why I love this picture so much. Most children grow up holding adults hands. It stabilizes them when they start to walk, it is a safety measure for crossing streets, it is a comfort to know that the adult is there. Evan doesn't have any of those because he needs to be carried. This is the first time that he even wanted to hold hands. It melted my heart to see this and experience the overwhelming joy in something that most people take for granted.
my boys!


Lynn said...

Awww......I LOVE the pic of daddy and son holding hands....

And then I LOVE the pic of daddy zonked out with his boys. LOL! Too cute!

HAPPY New Year!

Lisa L said...

Evan grabbed my hand to walk to nursery together :)

Michelle said...

These pictures are great! We miss you guys too! Evan is such a cute, sweet boy, and Landon is turning into quite a cute little chunk! You look so happy. :)

Happy New Year!

Fred ... said...

Looking at the pictures allowed me to enjoy the week all over again.