Monday, January 11, 2010

New Years Day

(Yes I managed to get the ball flying straight at my camera lense ... I have talent:-)

Just take a good look at these pictures and tell me if I didn't have the BEST New Year's day EVER ... despite it being a little too cold for my liking. Some of the family braved the frigid waters, but we all had fun regardless. It was fun to watch Landon experience sand for the first time. He couldn't get enough of it and was soooo happy!!!

I even saw something this day that I had NEVER seen before. Many times that I have gone to the beach on the Pacific Ocean there are dolphins swimming in the waves. Sometimes they get quite close to the shore and even ride the waves. It is very impressive and one of my favorite things to sit and watch. As we were leaving there were dolphins and we were just watching them. All of a sudden ... one of the dolphins jumped completely out of the water. It was so magestic and was the perfect end to my perfect New Years Day!

enjoy the pictures .....

Grandma and Landon

Grandpa helping Evan build a sand castle. Evan would often times get confused saying Sand Castle. Sometimes it came out as "cand sassle, or sand cackle"

love this picture of Sydney

my sisters are crazy: they actually went in

my sweet Grandma


Lisa L said...

Well if we had gone to the beach the day I had planned it would have been warmer but all in all it was still a good day. I loved seeing the dolphins also. What fun! Serene told me that Sydney has walked around the house all week saying "nigh, nigh En" and she's even asked for Uncle Justin.

Amanda said...

I think sand is probably a good laxative - at least thats what it seemed to do when my kids ate it. What an awesome day at the beach. I feel the warmth just looking at it.