Monday, January 18, 2010

read if you dare

If you are male ... you may want to tread lightly

I really have come to terms with my infertility. It took me about 3 years of our 4.5 years trying to have kids to do it, but I am completely at ease with it now. Of course there are moments that are hard, but then I remember the life I have and I am almost immediately ok. Having said that I would now like to say that I believe it is a very cruel trick of nature that I am denied the pregnancy experience but have to endure some of the worst menstrual cycles I have come across. The pain, agony, and sometimes debilitation that I face comes hand in hand with my endometriosis. Now how is that fair???

My point is, I am feeling better now and I will be back online tomorrow. I have so much to catch my blog up on!!!


Michelle said...

Though our experiences have been different, I completely understand the frustration of infertility. If I didn't have the perspective we are given through the gospel, it would be so much harder to deal with! Isn't it nice to look forward to the resurrection?!

I'm sorry you have such yucky cycles. That really isn't fair. I'm glad you are feeling better. :)

Becky said...

So sorry! It's not fair. Get feeling better quickly!

Melanie said...

Feelin' for you. My sister had surgery and some other shot thing as treatment for that(the endometriosis part)....I'm sure you have looked into everything though...glad today is a better day!

Lisa L said...

Kira, I have lived with debilitating periods - even hospitalized at times. It's not fun for any of us regardless of our situations. Poor Sarah has horrible ones and then to top it off it's even worse because of how it aggravates her IBS. I did get Sarah some new pills that helped her more than anything we've ever tried before. It didn't completely take everything away but it helped tremendously and she was quite pleased with the outcome. They are "Excedrin Menstrual Complete." Maybe you should try some. It couldn't hurt. When I was younger the only thing that would work for me was prescription drugs that basically knocked me out for the first 24 hrs. That aside, as far as the infertility goes, there are some options/steps that you & Justin should look into and consider. I have many friends who have dealt with infertility who have had great success and it's not even the most costly process. There are options to try before resolving yourself to the fact that you are completely infertile.

Peter and Mandy said...

Congratulations you totally grossed out Peter :) Sorry it is so awful for you.