Sunday, January 24, 2010

on a happy note

Before illness took over our home we actually had so much fun. We were able to build snowmen together, go sledding twice, and see the Olympic torch run by. Here are some pictures of the happy times we have had lately.

(the torch pictures are coming ... I will hopefully download them tomorrow)

Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman.
Once there was a snowman, tall, Tall, TALL

Justin was throwing snow at our window and Evan thought it was the funniest thing he has ever seen!
What a silly boy!

Some of his new things are:

-he is always saying ... "that's awesome!!"

-"Mama sick and Evan sick ... right Mama?"

-he is such a silly boy and is always making silly play and telling jokes.

Landon is so mobile!!! He is everywhere and really starting to get into mischief. He is so curious now and grabs at everything. I am telling you this baby is full of personality, constantly blowing bubbles, gabbing, and just wanting to be with you!

We are going to start heavy duty sleep training this week. Landon is almost 6 months old and we are literally tired of getting up 3 times a night. (Wish us luck)

The food that Landon now has under his belt

-rice cereal

-sweet potatoe




Amanda said...

what fun pictures. Tell me you have Bobsledding ones please! David took his with no memory card and I have to see some evidence of the whole adventure.

Lisa L said...

Love these pictures! I think it's darling how Evan is tickling Landon :)Tell Evan I love his snowman. I hope you are feeling better.

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

cute cute boys. I love Landon and Evan's blue blue eyes :)

Dorienne said...

Great shots! The kids are stunning and I love that snowman picture.

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

p.s. since I emailed the whole family and none of you have changed your links yet, I was starting to wonder if any of you got the news...
I changed the name/link of our blog so here yah go...

Fred ... said...

So are charcoal briquettes the modern version of coal? Cool snowman.

Sarah said...

Love the baby blues!