Tuesday, February 16, 2010

family adventures

I have to say "family" adventures because life would be a lot less adventurous without my family.

This last weekend in Alberta was a long weekend. We decided to head up to the mountains and go skiing. On the way there Evan threw up. It was so out of the blue we thought it might have just been something that he ate. We gave him some crackers and kept driving. Our 3 hour drive turned into a 5 hour adventure with Evan vomiting 12 times. (our car smelled lovely!) He didn't actually end up going to sleep until 2:30AM. We kept him in our room that night to keep an eye on him and he threw up 5 more times during the early morning hours and developed a fever. Fortunately he had stopped vomiting by waking hours on Saturday so we could just focus on the fever. He had MAJOR diarrhea for the next day and a half and seems to be completely recovered (minus some really awesome farts).

Saturday Justin went skiing in the morning and I hit the slopes in the afternoon. Justin is an incredible skier. I am not, but I really have improved! I am thankful for the lessons I have had and the opportunity I have gotten to go skiing every year since we got married. I feel happy that I am good enough to ski on my own and enjoy myself.

I will never be good enough to ski with Justin (I am afraid of going too fast, and jumping off cliffs) yet every year I try and push myself a little more. I consider myself to be a fairly calm person, but there are 3 moments in my life that I have stepped out of my body and gone ballistic! 2 of those times occurred while skiing. I full on broke down, beat up the mountain with my poles, tears fogging up my goggles and screaming at the mountain like a 2 year old throwing a major tantrum. Last year this occurred while I tried moguls for the first time. The point I am getting at is ....
I did them and I didn't even fall! I came close a couple of times but managed to stay upright! I was sooo proud of myself!
Thrilled with my accomplishment I couldn't wait to get back to the room so I could tell Justin.
I went to return my rentals and discovered that my boots had walked off with someone elses feet. Yup ... my boots were gone!!! Talk about going from major high to major low! Fortunately I got a call later that night from the rental office saying that the lady who took my boots realized the mistake she made and had returned them.
Sunday morning we woke up to Landon covered in vomit from head to toe in his play pen (poor baby). He kept vomiting through Sunday and Monday and is now dealing with the MAJOR diarrhea (it seeps right out of his diaper!) I woke up that night and dealt with my bout of illness (see previous posts) and felt like dying the whole next day. The problem that I felt was this
1) I needed to eat in order to subdue my menstrual cramps and to take my medicine
2) If I ate I would feel like vomiting and surely throw up my medicine
Thankfully I am doing much better and now am just dealing with lingering diarrhea and extremely ripe gas.
Justin got to ski on Monday and finished up our ski weekend with some great runs. I think Justin has gotten lucky and skipped the vomit section of the bug, though he has a fever and has been dealing with the major diarrhea and smelly flatulence.
So we are home now and our house is filled with a pretty rank stench hovering over our heads, but I think we are all going to survive. What an adventure!

(pictures to come)


Lowdogg said...

Are you sure Justin is sick? Doesn't sound that weird to me...

Lisa L said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I love Joe's comment :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Fun fun. I remember when I did Moguls for my first time, on ACCIDENT! Scary stuff, yay for YOU! :)

Peter and Mandy said...

I agree with the first comment too :)
Wow crazy moguls, I stay on the easy slopes.

Lynn said...

I have no idea what moguls are. I've never had the opportunity to ski....but I am getting the idea that it's something pretty good. So YAY! I am really excited for you.

Glad to hear that you are all doing better. Sounds like it was a pretty ripe weekend for sure. Thankfully we've all been pretty healthy again this winter. No flu at our house for more than three winters. YAY! (Now I hope I just didn't jinx it by saying that outloud.)

Fred ... said...

Pictures to come? What pictures might that be? With all those sick people I'm not sure I want to see them. If they're pictures of you doing the moguls then I can't wait. I don't like moguls, they hurt my legs.