Thursday, February 11, 2010


There is a lot of big news to report today!!

1) Landon now has two teeth!!! I thought he was going to be a snaggle tooth, but all of a sudden the bottom two came out of nowhere. Once I felt those buds I knew it was going to be a race between the three teeth to see which would pop through those swollen gums first. I checked this morning and afternoon and there were no teeth. I checked this evening right before he went to bed and there were two bottom teeth! Yeah Landon!!!

2) Landon pulled up to standing today! He turned 6 months old 6 days ago and the boy crawls everywhere and pulled to standing!!! I really think that God is blessing me. Don't get me wrong, I am sad that I didn't get a "baby" baby for very long, but the sooner this little moose walks the easier my life is going to be! It just blows my mind how strong this kid is. I tell him all the time that I will be putting those muscles to good use and he can help me carry his brother around :-)

3) We finally found a food that Landon DOES NOT like!! I didn't think it was possible, but he just might be a vegetarian! We tried meat today ... definitely not successfully.

Well that is all of the BIG news. Here are some of the things Evan has been saying:

Evan-ism: "Atigako" = (alligator)
Evan-ism: "Poo water" = (water that has his laxative in it)
Today during lunch Evan shows me the inside of his wrist (where the veins show) and very excitedly says "look Mama ... a crayon!" He thought the vein looked like a crayon. He thought it was even cooler when I told him that it was called a vein and it carried his blood. Then I showed him my "crayon" :-)

Here are some pics ... just for you Anjanie :-)

Yes I play dress up with my boys (all three of them). It is the month of February and I wanted my family to look like Valentines at church this last Sunday. I wish you could see Evan's little red tie and Landon's bow tie! (seriously too cute!) My favorite part of this picture though ...
check out my babies holding hands!!!!!!!

Please ignore the crying baby! He is crying because I left the room, but when I came back from putting Evan in the van this is what I found. My baby standing up for the first time!! You have to realize that this is a first for me. Evan never stood on his own. He could only stand when placed and only did that for a short time. In fact we only have one picture of him standing at all.

I knew those teeth were coming ANY minute and I desperately wanted some final shots of a gummy baby. My heart mourns a little when the teeth finally come in. Yesterday I took him to get his 6 month pictures and the child would NOT smile!!!!! So today during Evan's nap time we had a photo shoot where I desperately tried to get my baby to give his big gummy smile for possibly the last time on camera. No such luck. I got cute Landon (no gums) and crying Landon (with gums). Oh well ... at least I have a gummy picture.

Check out how swollen those gums are. If you look to the left side of the picture you can see the snaggle tooth that is ready to pop through anytime!

Mama love fixes anything!

(the result of our meat attempt)


Peter and Mandy said...

Love the milestones. Congratulations!

Lisa L said...

Fun post and fun pictures :) I especially love the one of the boys holding hands.

Alycia Belle (Crowley Party) said...

Okay First Off I absolutely LOVED what You called Landon... Little Moose. I think that is officially his new nick name. I also loved his little pointy hair top :)
p.s. me and trevor got a kick out of "poop water" ALMOST as good for me as "Shirt for your Boob" or the mole being a "nipple" on Justin's face :)

Anjanie said...

YAY PICTURES!!!! I love the one of you and Landon :) YOUR FAMILY IS TOO ADORABLE!!

Fred ... said...

Trust me, when Landon starts walking your troubles are only beginning. He will be into everything and you, of course, will love it. I can't wait for many more exciting blogs about the mischief Landon gets into.

Sarah said...

So Landon totally looks like Brian in the second to the last picture. Cute nickname!