Saturday, February 20, 2010

Skiing Pics

Evan LOVED tubing with Daddy!
check out these LIPS!!

The resort made smores by the campfire. After a night of throwing up and a day of not eating ... Evan sure chowed down :-)

speaking of chowing down ... look at the size of that spoon

I forgot to bring down gloves for Landon so he got to wear Daddy's
Evan loved the big "tractor"

do you see how Evan is carrying around his milk?

"Look Mama, I built a castle!" Good reach Evan!
My Sweetheart and I

I went out with one of my neighbors and took her to a 50's diner. It was so fun and our boys LOVED it! Evan kept talking about his milk shake, the juke box, and "old" candy. (Old Candy is what he called all the candy they used to make in the 50's and sell in the store.


Peter and Mandy said...

Looks so fun, even though you were all sick! Love the giant gloves.

Lisa L said...

Such cute pictures. I think Landon's lips look like he could be one of the "Brangelina Pitt" kids.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

cute cute cute.

Linz said...

You guys are so cute all bundled up!! Great pictures!!

Becka said...

Love it. Kind of wish I was there....but not sick! Next time FER SHURE! Call ya later!