Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We got a beautiful card yesterday from an SMA reseach organization informing us that one of my good friends had made a donation in Evan's name. It brought tears to my eyes to have written proof of how much people love my family.

I have put that card in Evan's SMA file along with some other "things" that I think will help him know how much he is loved. Seeing and reading some of those other "things" caused me to sit and just ponder the donations that we are aware of and the ones that we aren't aware of, the prayers and blessings that we know about and those that we don't.

I am so grateful to all of the amazing support we have in our families near and far, and our friends.

Thank you for the strength y'all send our family.

Thank you for loving our Evan.

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Lisa L said...

:) We all love Evan so much!!