Wednesday, February 24, 2010

what my boys are up to!

Sorry if my "kid" updates get a little old. I use my blog as a journal and I don't live near my family, and I really want to remember the details of their childhood ... sooooooo, here it goes (again)


-Evan was in the other room snuggling with Justin. I called from the other room and asked him what he was doing. His reply ... "I'm nugging with Daddy"

-It was time for him to go to sleep and Evan says "I don't want to got to sleep, I want to go swimming with Daddy"

-While we were all getting better the last thing to happen was pretty bad gas. I went to get Evan from his nap and he says: "I tooted again. It was a BERRY big tooted!"

-We were watching mens figure skating together. I told him that the one we wanted to win was named Evan. The conversation went like this:
Me: His name is Evan like yours
Evan: Evan like me???
Me: Go Evan!
Evan: Go Evan Palmer!!!
(silly boy)

-Evan: I tooted
Me: eewww gross!
Evan: No, it's not gross! Tooting is nice.
Me: It's nice??
Evan: Yes, tooting is nice for my bum!!

-I think that my periodic dramatics might be rubbing off on Evan. I was bouncing him on my knee and he got a little nervous and says: "Stop Mama ... I will die!!"

-you know the strings at the top of pants or shorts?? Well Justin was going to the bathroom and Evan saw the string on his pants and he says: "Is that a ribbon for your penis??"


-This little boy is such a delight right now!! He does so many things that surprise me. Landon hugs. For the last month he has been full on hugging us! It melts my heart and surprises me because I do not remember Evan doing that this early. I just love his little baby squeezes around my neck.

-Landon also kisses! He will snuggle in and then open mouth kiss you over and over. Soo cute!

-I love that Landon still oozes baby smell. I don't ever want that to go away, but until then I am trying to just soak it up!!!

-When I say Landon is delightful, he really is!! He just smiles and giggles and snuggles all the time. He just wants to be with us and loves to be on top of his big brother (although Evan is not so much a fan of this. We have taught Evan to call for help instead of hitting the baby. All day I hear "Mama, help me! Landon's getting me!!") He is wonderful!

-I am moving out of Justin's bed for the next little while. We are going to start sleep training again and until he sleeps longer I will be sleeping in the basement so I can actually get some sleep. I am dreading it ... wish us luck.


Lisa L said...

I love the updates on the boys. It makes us feel a little closer.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I want a Landon Kiss :(

Grandpa said...

We Love the updates as well. It is great keeping up to date.