Friday, February 5, 2010

I am sorry if this post is super random. The combination of yucky cold weather and cabin fever doesn't exactly offer natural mind stimulation that I think I desperately need. Maybe it is just rambling ... maybe not.

I went to see my good friend yesterday. It is the first time that I have gotten to meet her new baby girl! Seriously, Macy is sooo tiny and I cannot wait until Landon is feeling a bit better to take a picture of him next to her. The size difference would just be tooo funny!

I have been thinking lately about trials. Not anything major, but that I think it is interesting how everyone is going through something. Some people are going through bigger trials than others, but everyone is dealing with something.

I am having a hard time with the winter. I feel like my kids aren't being stimulated and I have no idea what to do for fun in the winter.

I am really looking forward to seeing my sweet nephews compete in their first gymnastics competition. That will be tomorrow and if I can get my butt into gear I will post about that later.

Last night I told Justin that if Landon woke up again I would be going to sleep in the basement where I can't hear him. Since I have gotten about 3.5 hours (broken up) the 4 nights in a row before I felt I deserved a little snooze time. Sure enough he woke up and I went to sleep downstairs. It may have backfired though because Justin got up and put him to sleep with a bottle. Oh well ... at least I am a bit more rested

We just got back from "Hot Dog Day" at Daddy's office. They have "Hot Dog Day" every other Friday and I head over with the boys. It is so much fun and the boys love it!!

Well I think that is enough random thoughts for now.


Fred ... said...

I want to hear more about hot dog day.

Amanda Palmer said...

Hey Kira...please post about the boys gymnastics and lots of pictures:) Thank you guys for going and supporting their first meet...they are so super excited. I am sad I cannot be there...if Carter would just grow up and be still:)
Lets try to put our smart So. Cal. brains together and see how we can both combat the cabin fever we are experiencing.
Love ya

Lisa L said...

I don't envy the cabin fever. I was expecting yucky weather in SLC and it's actually been pretty decent and there's no snow.

Grandpa said...

Oh what wimps, both Mother and Daughter born in Edmonton !! Love both of you.

Trevor and Alycia Crowley said...

um so I could really get into Hot Dog Fridays... If I lived there I would come with you guys :)

Lynn said...

It's good to catch up on your blog. We've been away to Edmonton.

YAY for Landon getting some teeth! And double yay for standing! TOo cute.