Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ode to my beautiful, sexy, wonderful Truck

Ode to my beautiful, sexy, wonderful Truck

Oh how I have loved thee from the time I was young.
To drive my dream car has really been fun!
You are beautiful and sexy beyond belief,
which is why trading you gives me such grief.
It breaks my heart to give you to Justin,
but between you and Evan, my son will always win.
Loading his wheel chair onto your bed
is NOT convenient and is making me crazy in the head.
So to you I now say adue,
as I join the mama van crew :-(
And on a Final note:
Yesterday- this is CUTE!

Today- this is NOT cute

(the beginning of the end has arrived)


Peter and Mandy said...

Ummm yeah....enjoy the snow :) I won't rub in the wonderful weather we have here in San Diego. Though it was tempting to turn on the AC yesterday. :)

Lisa L said...

Well at least you can still drive your "sexy" truck once in awhile because it is still in the family.I love my Toyota Sienna and you will love yours. I like the colour of it. Yuck! on the snow.I really don't miss it and don't care to live in it.We can visit it if we need to feel the need for the white stuff.We got sunburned yesterday at the airshow even with sunscreen. Grandpa is thrilled with his tan :)

Dorienne said...

In a decade or so we can get those sexy cars back! Yes, isn't Canada's weather wonderful?

Stork said...

Oh, Kira. That is a sexy truck- I had no idea it was yours! SOOOOO SAD! But what must be, must be :) I made Nate get rid of his beloved 2 door jeep for Danika. yeah for minivan moms- haven't joined that crowd yet :)

Lowdogg said...

Your grass was looking good too.

Good post Kira.

merrilykaroly said...

totally the lyrics for a country song. you could get rich and famous!

I'm sorry about the snow. It's been getting cold here and summer seems like it was just a dream...

Fred ... said...

Lovely poem, it about brought tears to my eyes. Sorry about the snow, hang in there, you will make it. Just a couple of months and you can to some warm weather for a break.

Teresa said...

Congrats on the mini van!! Its a beauty. So sorry to hear about the snow.

Lynn said...

Oh NO!!! We are in Utah and had NO idea that it was snowing back home! Yuck!!!

We enjoyed a nice Sunny but very cool hike onto Ensign Peek. It was to be dad's very last time. He made it! With his cane and all. I took lots of pics!

We did hear that it was to storm come this weekend. Let the snow now come. Dad made it to the top of Ensign peek and that makes me happy.

And hopefully the snow will be gone by the time we come back home to Canada. That too would make me happy. LOL!

becky said...

Ooh, I like the new wheels. Not as sexy as the old ones, but us mom's have to make sacrifices. LOVE the color! I can't wait until the day we get our new car.

Sorry about the snow. Our weekend forecast has snow in it. I REALLY hope it's wrong. I'm not ready for it!