Monday, October 12, 2009

plain ol' kid update

Saturday: a family wedding
Sunday: Thanksgiving dinner at Justin's mom's house
Monday: Thanksgiving dinner at Justin's Dad's house

Lots to blog about ............... later! For now a good old fashioned update on the kidlets.

Poor Landon is sick with his first cold. I hate it when babies are sick. I always feel so bad for them. He is just sad :-( It was inevitable though. I was sick for 4 days and gave it to Evan and Justin, who haven't been able to shake it for 2 weeks. Again I say "poor Landon".

Landon loves his mobile! He giggles and laughs everytime he sees them going round and round.

The latest "Evan-isms":

Marnos = marshmallows
Soopnaman = Superman'


Lisa L said...

cute Evanim's! Poor Landon.

Peter and Mandy said...

Oh poor Landon. Having a cold is the pits. And its even worse if a baby has a cold.