Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family comes: DAY 1

On our first official day of family fun we went to church and then the girls went off to celebrate being women. For mother's day Justin got me tickets to Lillith Fair. He didn't check the date until after they were sent to the house and he realized it was on a Sunday. So yes, I went to a concert on Sunday ... (I know, BAD). Regardless of my sin, it was so much fun to be with all of the girls and to see some amazing women perform that close!!! We saw Colby Callait, Sharyl Crow, Sugarland, and Sarah Mclochlin. We were so close it was amazing and Sharyl Crow had her son come out and dance on stage (TOO CUTE). It was an amazing night that I am so grateful I got to spend with my sisters, and mothers!!!

I love watching naked babies play together!!!
Can you believe there is only a month between these two?

This is my niece, Hayley. I have heard that she looked like a hippo the way her teeth grew in, but it was just hysterical to SEE it!!!!


Peter and Mandy said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Ben Leavitt said...

you better get him into football! They have teams there in Canada, the chargers drafted a Canadian college player 2 years ago...