Monday, July 12, 2010

JUNE 30, 2010

What a great view to start the day!!!

So let me start out by saying that I myself am not a Trekkie, but I come from a long line of Trekkies and was raised by a Trekkie. I enjoy Star Trek and appreciate it more than most. I figured a nice treat for my Dad would be to take him to Vulcan, AB ... Star Trek capitol of Canada.

For being a dinky little town of 2,000 they do a good job with their amenities. Their little museum has had many famous Star Trek characters come through to visit and we all had a blast dressing up in costume, taking pictures, and even going on a walk/drive through town to "see the sights".

By far the BEST part of the day for me, other than letting out my inner nerd, was to see the twinkle in my Dad's eye!!! I planned that day for him and I think it was considered a success!!! I really can't think back on this day without smiling!!! I LOVE MY DAD!!!

actual Spock ears!!!

what a great family I have!!!

Just a cute picture of the Grandkiddos

Because we had some special days coming up we decided to give Landon a trim and take off his baby mullet (which I still think is sooooo cute!!!) He is still super cute, and I wouldn't let her cut much because he is still my baby :-)


Peter and Mandy said...

Oh my goodness I love the family picture. I bet your dad was in heaven.

Lisa said...

I love that Grandpa was there. How fun to get the great grandkids in a picture with him. Did we remember to do that with Grandma when she got there?

Linz said...

Your family seems like such a close, fun group! Very cool!