Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family comes: DAY 5

So the truth is that this post really starts on Day 4. After we drove into Waterton the brave ones of the family hiked Bears Hump in the dark. I am married to a crazy man who likes to have fun at all costs!! He hiked up bears hump with fireworks in his back pocket!! We were convinced that the Rangers would be waiting for us in the parking lot when we got back. The girls decided that if that is what happened we would let my Daddy and Justin spend the night in jail. Thankfully we didn't have to do that (despite one of the fireworks looking just like an emergency flare) and it was really fun to see the fireworks in that setting :-)

For all of the warm days my family experienced this day was not one of them!!! We went on a very cold family hike! It was a gorgeous hike, but we were all frozen by the time we got back to the cars!!!

my sweet niece Hayley

I guess Brandon didn't get the memo that the picture was being taken

After the hike we drove around to some different sites in Waterton. We saw a bear REALLY close to the road, and even ran into some Gator fans from Florida!

One of our families favorite things to do in Waterton is to rent the surreys and drive around town. We wanted my family to experience this as well. It was still cold when we squished everyone into the three bikes, but midway into our ride it was pouring!!! The poor kids had NO protection and were soaked through! Still I can't help but giggle at the memory of off-roading through someones yard, chasing down a deer, playing chicken with our family members, my Mom laughing through it all, and the faces on the DRENCHED kids as they got pounded by the wind and rain!

Hayley is under the blanket!!!

Since Evan's birthday was the next week we decided to have a little party while my family was in town. Justin's Aunt and Uncle were using the cabin and invited us for dinner. We had the party there with everyone. He loved having the special attention and I still can't believe that my baby is three!!! (there will be a special post for him coming up :-)

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