Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family comes: DAY 7

Sunday July 4,2010

As circumstances would have it my Auntie Lynn came through Calgary with her family. I was so excited when they were able to take some time to swing by our place. It may have been short, but I loved seeing them and still can't believe how tall her girls are!!! WOW!

Justin was able to bless our sweet baby boy in church and it was such a special experience. He was blessed with the love of those who care about him. He was blessed with strength, faith, and the ability to do all that Heavenly Father has in store for him. He was blessed that he would be a happy boy who has a love of his family. Landon was blessed to have the ability to follow the promptings of the spirit in his life. He was blessed to know the love our Heavenly Father has for him. He was blessed with strength, a strong body so he can serve a mission, and to be sealed in the temple to his wife. He was blessed to be an example to all those around him. He was blessed to be a helper to his older brother (Justin choked up when he said this). He was blessed to know that many people care deeply for him. He was blessed to be an example to others with his testimony, and to have the spirit with him to have the knowledge to know the Lords plans for his life.

What a special boy we have!!! :-)

Afterwards we had a luncheon at our house. There were 58 people in our home and I LOVED it!! I took a ton of pictures, but could only include a couple of them.

Justin introducing everyone (isn't he handsome!)

My AMAZING in-laws who offered to make the food for our party. It was such a treat to have their food (Mark is a chef) and even more of a treat to have the opportunity to flit around and enjoy the moment. It was such a special gift and I am so grateful for how much they love us!

Grandma Shaw made butter tarts ... yuuuummmy

I just think my brother is so handsome!!

Even Evan's SMA friends came out to support us.
I am still blown away by how much love we were shown this weekend!

our surrogate Grandparents from San Diego moved to Calgary and came

When Evan was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy my Aunt called me and said that that is what my Uncle Nick had. I was still quite young when he died of lung cancer and didn't ever know why he was in a wheel chair. It actually never mattered to me, he was my Uncle Nick and I loved him! As an adult who has a child that has Spinal Muscular Atrophy it obviously means a lot! I had a lot of questions for my Aunt Fara when we saw her 2 days earlier. She came to Landon's blessing and brought a picture of my Uncle Nick for Evan. I was more than touched!! Later that night, at bedtime, I showed Evan the picture and told him the story of my Uncle Nick. Part of the conversation went like this:

Me: "Do you see what Uncle Nick is sitting in?"
Evan: "A wheelchair"
Me: "Do you know why Uncle Nick had a wheelchair?"
Evan: he cocks his head, with his oh so cute questioning look
Me: "Uncle Nick had SMA"
Evan: very excited and smiling "LIKE ME!!!"

the picture is now in his bedroom and it is such a special thing for him to know that he isn't alone.

how can I not love this man!!!

My sister-in-law Kelley :-)
could she be prettier??

Grandma Leavitt
this picture just makes me smile!!

My family left (I cried!!!) and as most people filtered out our good friends stayed. I LOVE them for many reasons, but one of the things I love is that their children don't even bat an eye at Evan in his chair. A lot of children his age are afraid of him when he is in his chair, but the Schow kids just run around with him and interact with him!!! I love watching them play!

In this picture Evan is saying: "look these are my Mama's strawberries" and Kyrie responds with: "My Mom has strawberries too!" Then they took off running and giggling :-)

And you thought that vacations were supposed to be relaxing!!!!!!

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

SO many people were crammed in your house! hahaha The FOOOOOD was to die for! and it was just such a great day!