Monday, July 26, 2010

My poor Garden

I am distraught!!!! The biggest, most massive hail storm Justin or I has EVER seen just ripped through our neighborhood and has done a number on my beloved garden! To give you an idea of the size, all we could see through our windows was horizontal white (just over pea size) balls of ice.

My tomato plants are shredded (it ripped off many stems with 13 blooms and a partially formed tomato). My onion tops are gone, my garlic is toppled, my carrots are laying flat, and my pumpkin and potato plants are littered with holes.

Those with more gardening experience than me ... do my plants have any hope of survival??

I am going to eat away my sorrows through chocolate!



Lisa said...

Everything will be fine except your tomatoes :( Sorry!

Lynn said...

I just heard! All it did was majorly rain on our side of the city. But we got your hail that you described for the last TWO summers. I keep praying that it stays away....had to have our roof repaired this spring because of it.

Anyway......I Am with your mom.....everything will be JUST fine. I thought for sure our garden was lost both times but was SHOCKED at how they bounce back. They really do! Including the tomatoes. I wouldn't rip them out just yet. Just wait for a few weeks and watch and see if more blossoms come out. Ours did!

Peter and Mandy said...

The pumpkin and tomato plants might not bloom again, but the rest should be fine. Leave them in though, they might bounce back.