Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Half Marathon

How to prepare for a half marathon:

1) Stick to a very regular running schedule (minimum 13 weeks)
2) Up your miles slowly
3) The night before the race make sure you eat a lot of carbohydrates, steer clear of protein, get lots of sleep.

How I prepared for my 3rd half marathon:

1) trained for 3 weeks.
2) upped my miles very quickly
3) the night before celebrated Jared's birthday at a Brazillion steak house, went to a movie, and crawled into bed around 2AM (I needed to leave at 6:30AM)

Needless to say I was pretty sure I would suck and only had the goal of finishing. I ran alone for the last 3 miles which made me think I was sucking it up bad, BUT .......

I ended up finishing with my best time yet, 2:06!!

I hurt my feet (that's poor training for you) but I'm better now and pretty proud of myself.

After my race we took the boys to Calleway Park for a couple hours. They loved it and it was such a beautiful day!!!!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

HA :) Love that last picture of Landon! How great is that?! You look great after your marathon!

Natalie said...

Are those five-fingers on your feet? Yeah for barefoot running!!!! I'm amazed by your running. That is really impressive. I've only run 13 miles once in my life. Congratulations on your great run! I miss you!

Lisa said...

That's awesome! I wonder what your time had been had you trained more the way you had planned :)

Linz said...

You go, girl! Yeah for a personal best!

Lynn said...

Great job!! I'm curious though......what are those things on your feet? Never seen anything like it...how can you tell I've never trained or been in a Marathon. ; D

Teresa said...

Awesome time! That is a great accomplishment. Apparently training is over-rated! So cute to see your boys hugging you after the race.

Heidi said...

That's awesome. Congrats!