Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family comes: DAY 2

Thank Heavens it was warm this day!! We called this day "Dental Day" as there were many people in my family that needed to have work done. So Justin spent time driving family to and from the office while everyone else hung out at the lake and water park in our community. It was so much fun to have my sisters and my mom with me. It was wonderful to be surrounded by that kind of love for me and my kiddos. Thanks Serene, Alycia, Sarah, and Mom! Dad and Brandon took us out on the boat and Evan even got to sit up "by himself" (I was holding on from behind). What a perfect day!

Evan wanted to sunbathe .... that might be my fault!

From the lake and after everyone was back from the dentist (thank you honey!) we packed up the car and drove to my Grandma's house. She is a wonderful woman and I love every chance I get to see her. Grandma Leavitt made us doughnuts (delish!!!) and I brought the dinner. I think everyone was satisfied, if not by my dinner then by the home made doughnuts :-)

It was wonderful to be back at the old farm house. I have so many memories of that house and love to just be outside, completely covered by the scent of lilacs, and overwhelmed with the view of the mountains.

Evan loved taking us to explore the house, Landon spent the time showing off his new walking skills, Hayley spent the evening spinning on her bum, and Sydney flitted around to everyone to cuddle.


Lisa said...

It was fun and your dinner was delicious as well as the doughnuts. The lake was great! And Justin was a doll :)

Peter and Mandy said...

This looks like so much fun...Peter's already planning a trip to Canada...probably next summer(quite frankly I don't want to freeze).