Thursday, July 29, 2010

Palmer Reunion: WATERTON

For the sake of time I am posting all of the reunion in one post. If you want to see the pictures in a bit more detail just click on it and that picture will blow up. Enjoy ... (I think I might, just might catch up before I leave tomorrow!)
For the 7 years that I have been a Palmer this is my first reunion. It lived up to all that I have heard about it. I left a day early so I could go visit my cousin and her miracle baby! I was so excited to be able to meet Luke Blayne and I really couldn't be happier for Kari and Barrett. Isn't he a doll face??

This was a very cool reunion because almost the entire family was there. There were only 2 cousins that couldn't make it and Justin's step sisters couldn't come either. The yard of the cabin looked like a Sienna dealership, and we even took over the parking lot across the street.
(what is it with Palmers and red Siennas?
In true Palmer style the days in Waterton were jam packed with fun!
We went on a bunch of hikes and each one is beautiful in its own way. The first hike we did as a family was to Bertha Falls. From Bertha Falls some of us brave folk continued on to Bertha Lake, which is a decently long, very steep hike. Justin and I hiked it with an extra 25 lbs on our backs, but oh man it was worth it!!! The lake was gorgeous!!!! I just hope we didn't slow everyone else down too much. We were hurting on the way up!!

Later that day I fell down the stairs and REALLY hurt myself. I couldn't move my shoulders or neck at all so I opted out of the camp out that night. Justin took Evan, and those boys had a lot of fun, despite the many injuries the group came home with.

This year David was in charge of the "family olympics" and he included a game called "swing your thing". Everyone got a kick out of it :-)Another tradition in the family olympics is throwing children into the air with a parachute. These are three of my favorite in air shots (two are of my sweet nephews). Evan came home from the camp out sick (which really sucked because it was his birthday) and he desperately needed to sleep. While he was napping I took Landon to Red Rock Canyon. Since I had the baby and no wetsuit I didn't go down any slides this year, but it was so much fun for me to sit with Landon while he played in the ice water and talk with Michelle, and then later Angie. I love the Gayle Palmers!!! We ended the evening with a birthday song and cake (don't worry the birthday post is next) a talent show, and a family dance. Evan performed his foot phone as his talent and you HAVE to look at the picture of Landon dancing.

Evan's breathing got worse and I spent the next day in the emergency room with him while everyone else went to Wall Lake. My mother in law came to the hospital in Cardston with me so I wouldn't have to be alone. I have gotten so use to sitting by myself with Evan that it was a really nice surprise to have someone come with me. Up at Wall Lake I guess it is a tradition that the men who go take a picture with their shirts off holding Wonder Bars. I don't get it, but I think Landon has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen.
(check out Logans face in the last picture)

Somewhere in the week we went water skiing (no pictures) and Evan and Mama had a date!

The week was loaded with lots of fun, candy, ice-cream, games, laughing, and family (not to mention the ridiculous amount of Advil and Muscle Relaxants I had to take so I could move my neck and take care of my children).
It is good to be a Palmer!

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Melanie said...

It looks like you had a great time. We will be spending the weekend in Waterton at the end of August - you HAVE to tell me what we should be doing!

Lisa said...

Looks and sounds like fun. Glad Evan was okay.

Peter and Mandy said...

Wow that's a lot to do! I'm tired just reading about it all. Can't wait to see you.